Thursday, April 25, 2013

My husband's pyjamas

Everybody loves comfortable, loose and soft pyjamas. So is my husband. Well, he doesn't really has pyjamas. Mostly they were only tees and sarong!
We love the comfort of our pyjamas, most of the time we do not mind small tear or anything like that. I say small tear. Small tear ok. Nothing like what's gonna be posted here. 
Look at Harris's tee pj after the last laundry.
Hence, I wrote a love note for him and clipped it together at the hanger. Soft warning, I would say.

My note is in red which says : Hello ! Do not wear this roti canai (paratha bread) anymore.... love, love, love, love.
He got the chick to reply : Lagi garing Lagi sodap (The crispier, taste better)

Eye-candy :

 Paddington Underground Station, London

Somewhere near Westminster Underground Station. At the background is the famous Big Ben, London.


Kerabu Jantung said...


tak sangka Harris kelakar....

Diyanazman said...

hahahahaa lagi garing lagi sedap!! lawak giler! LOL