Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Secretary Memory

I took this one quiz on FB titled What type of memory do you have and I got the answer as Secretary Memory. Apparently according to the quiz, I tend to memorize things into minor details and in fact I am a walking notebook myself. Fuh, sounds scary when it mentioned of worries for my brain for remembering too many things.

There is a question within the quiz asking if I could notice should anyone touched my work place during my absence. This is such a funny score, because it happens to me all the time. If I reach office looking at my place knowing somebody had mess it around, I’ll go screaming asking.... because I definitely know how it looks before I leave the place. Not really on how it looks but I know I wouldn’t mix up things. I always tell my collegues, I really do not mind who ever wants to use the files at my place or my personal reference books or notes or guidelines or authorities checklists or whatever but, please put it back to the right place. It is not only for my own convenience but for everybody else. Somehow, I don’t understand why is it so difficult for many people to follow such a simple instruction. It is just like library, for god sake.
At home, Harris already got the habit to abide by my ‘rules’. At times he tested me like, Sayang.. where is the June edition of MA (Majalah Arkitek). Without even looking at the shelves, I could tell him, top most shelf, 6th from the left after all the Architectural books. Again, Not so much I can remember where it is, but the ‘system’ is there, I placed the MA (only MA) after books on the same shelf. It’s the sixth because June is the sixth month. Not very difficult.

Another question asked what do I remember about books I have read. Usually, for those I like.. memang I can remember the phrases well and I can visualize the scene. So is with movies or dramas that I like. I love Grey’s Anatomy series and tend to watch for the re-run : because I love it. So, for re-run… I’d blabber to Harris the lines, as if I am acting. Same to movies, I love.. I love.. I love Braveheart, The Patriot, Knight’s Tale .. epics basically. If there’s any re-run, I always say the lines before it is said and trying to imitate the accent – Harris laugh at me. Because I can remember it well. Not that I want.. but it just happens. There was a re-run of John-Q movie on TV2 the last two Saturdays (see, I remember when it was) and I like this movie starred by Denzel Washington much. It was about a father who was fighting so hard for his son’s heart surgery and in the desperate action, he took over a hospital in ransom to his son’s operation. Cool, huh! There are many scenes in the movie that I like especially when Denzel Washington is mad-angry and when he is of a true man consoling his deteriorating son. Wah… I then ‘acted’ his lines… Harris said – You are one kind of a person. Not like I just watched the movie, I guess it was years ago. It is parked in my subconscious mind la, I think. I got inherited with the scenes, I shed tears macam la I was watching it for the first time! He he.

*Sekadar gambar hiasan

Me being an architect, in-fact an only architect in the office besides the principal - one may know how many projects I am handling. If not all, most la kan. But I am not proud of the numbers of the project I handle. It is just a number and it means nothing if I can’t handle it well. In a project development, there are certain datas that an architect should know. It’s like a rule a thumb, you know it by heart. I do not know how, but I can remember most of the datas without referring to any drawings or documents. Like land size, plot ratio, density, numbers of units, numbers of carparks, built-up area, unit types and many-many more for most projects, especially big ones that carries big fees ler. I have clients to call me just to ask on the local authority file number! And I remember.

Now I could understand why every time I wanted to buy those electronic gadgets to help me in organizing, keeping datas, planning and stuffs, I thought… eh, I am not that of a very busy woman and I don’t really need such gadget. So, selalu tak jadi.

For the truth of the matter, I realize now… I am busy, it’s just that I am still capable to plan, organize, store datas inside my own head up till now! Without the help of electronic devices yet. That means I still do not need those high tech gadget like blackberry la, PDA la, palm la.. or even classy hand phones yet.
Oh! may be the help to store phone numbers. So, if only phone numbers, I don’t need the so hi-tech phones. My current phone is just fine.
Not like many youngsters nowadays, whom just finish school or not even finish school yet, pester their parents for ‘good’- expensive hand phone. Low memory? Opps jangan terasa, anyone. A not need to me is not necessarily not need to anyone else, I believe.

I thought I should chill in remembering things fear for my brain getting ‘overheated’. But then again, ahhhh, it’s just a quiz for play-play. Babes… not like a second hand car when people prefer to buy the not much used one, in contradiction, i don't think god want us to bring back the not much used brain….. :)
Why worry then? My brain is not going to explode just because I am able to memorize minute details. Till then, I am grateful to Allah s.w.t for selecting me, one of His humbly to be granted with such a great gift, though.. Ia hanyalah pinjaman semata. I really hope I’ll always be able to make full use of it and not to waste any bit or to be used in an unwanted way. Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Choices We Have

That morning I woke up from my sleep as usual but mommy did not send me to Aunty Ani’s house. I don’t know why sometimes mommy sends me and there are also days, I just stay home with both mommy and daddy around. After mommy brushed my teeth and freshen me up, she gave me a handful of cornflakes in my bowl. So I just sit and snacked while watching Mommy sweeping and vacuuming the house. I hate and so scare of vacuum cleaner. I don’t like the sound too – I think it’s gonna suck my feet.

Mommy asked Daddy to bathe me while she did the cooking and also prepared my breakfast. Daddy then, put my diaper and clothes on, I heard mommy saying something about Bukit Jalil house and going to Sunway. We had breakfast together, but Mommy and Daddy’s dish was different from mine. I ate some honey baked crackers with mango puree and both of them – I think it’s fried rice. I think only, ok. Mommy didn’t let me try even though I asked for some. Well, I was practically yelling, still she didn’t give in to my request. Mommy is very tough to beat.

I put my shoes on… actually Daddy helped me. We make our way to the car and Mommy put me in my orange carrier seat. After a while, we were already moving. Hmmm, Mommy asked me to take the morning nap. I don’t want to make any fuss so I just slept on my own. I was awaken a few times when the car was not moving, I saw Daddy went out to see some people unfamiliar to me. Mommy said to Daddy to make sure every page of the Bukit Jalil House Defect Checklist is to be stamped received by the developer. What does that mean? I don’t understand quite much.

I continued my sleep and only to be woken up by Mommy so much later on. Daddy parked our car in front of a shop with a “RECARO” big sign. Eh – I know how to read? A lady greeted us at the front door. She seems to know Mommy’s name. How did she know?

There were so many car seats inside the shop. Big ones and small ones. Mommy and Daddy talked to the lady and also a man while I played around. They talked and talked and talked. Daddy said grey-blue and Mommy said grey-pink.

Daddy asked me to sit on the grey-blue car seat
There were other colors too
I chose grey-pink!

*Nada, give Mommy the laptop, baby*

Oh readers, excuse my daughter. Since she started talking (in her own lingo – of cause) … it is like non-stop. Now, she wants to write too! .. AND LOOK AT THAT.

She is one drama queen - I think she wants to be an actress but her dad won’t let her. He prefers his daughter to be a professional golf player! He… he…

I finally made up my mind on the car seat selection. A little effort of research, I managed to contact the Recaro licensed sole supplier in Sunway and made the call just to check if they have the car seat model that I wanted – Recaro Convertible Signo. Tips – must always go direct to the boss and you’ll get better service, I guess.
Apparently, at the time when I made the call, they did not have the said model in their show room. But the shipment from US had arrived in Port Klang pending clearance from Custom Department to be discharged. They were expecting the goods to be available in the showroom in two days time that he said would make the call to me upon its availability. And yes, the boss called me after two days. Alah – nak buat bisnes, biasala…..

We visited the showroom and purchased the car seat just last Saturday and I am very content with it for now. Nada seems to enjoy every ride in her new car seat. Since I went straight to the license supplier and with a little bit of wit and charm, I was granted a small discount and a small gift that I am pleased with. We were also able to choose from all four choices of seat design cover provided by Recaro at one go. This can’t really happen if we go to the distribution department stores because they usually get the seats from supplier in limited numbers. Most will only get one unit or maximum two units. So, we didn’t get chance to choose the colors.

Like what my dotter said, Harris preferred the grey-blue design but I wanted grey-pink instead. Actually, it’s not even an issue because at the end of the day…. surely my selection would be opted. Hey…. Hey…. That doesn’t mean Harris’s opinion doesn’t count. He made way for me only, having a satisfied wife will make his life so much easier! He he…..
Harris was saying if we choose grey-pink, the car seat then only suits Nada being a girl. It might not be so appropriate for the next to come (if any)… should ‘it’ be a boy. Its like everything is for Nada. Aiyak! Don’t la like that. Thinking of next to come? Oh well, for now, I am buying for Nada and of course she’s the focus now.

Should I am blessed with the next, don’t worry…. I already have the list of things I want to do and also new baby products that I want to have.

Want to do :
1. I want to be committed in exclusive breastfeeding, at least for a much longer period than what Nada enjoyed. I know my nature of work won’t have any mercy nor give me any justice towards the flexibility preferred for breastfeeding. But I want to try my best. I want to be mentally prepared and able to brace the difficulties being a working mom and also exclusively breastfeeding. If I need to attend lactation seminar – I will. If I need to invest in quality breastfeeding equipments – I will.

2. I want to stay away from ready cereals. If Nada depended on baby cereal for close to two months, in her 7th plus month, no ready cereal will be opted for the next. I will stick to homemade frozen purees. No excuse.

3. I want to store stem cells from umbilical cord for rainy days. If I think too much in opting it for Nada – it’s certain for the next.

4. I want to go through labor with no pain killer drugs at all. No Pitocin No Pethadine. God! This must be the most difficult thing for me to do. Really don’t know if I can or cannot. I envy those people whom are ‘strong’ and can. If I succeed, I am gonna treat myself a good lamb chop at Victoria Station after the confinement. He…. He….
…….. my cousin dare to visit me in the labor room and told –“ Tak pe Kak Yanti, masa ni je sakit… nanti baby keluar …. Sakit semua hilang….” Aduh… baby popped out and my body still ached for daysssssss.

Want to have :
1. The Bumbo babysitter seat – I noticed the good results benefited to my friend’s lovely baby girl for using the seat. She was able to sit unaided as early as five months old. Am not so eager for babies being able to sit as young as that age but it’s the posture when she sits that I am going for. She sits so beautifully with her back sit up straight, not even a slight slouch.
2. Deluxe Changing Mattress by Mamas & Papas – it’s soft and beautiful : I like.
3. Sleeping bag by Grobag – if my baby moves around in the sleep, the blanket is still intact.
4. Cotton Swaddler by The First Years or Kiddopotamus – I don’t want to use baby napkin only.
5. Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support for the carrier seat by Kiddopotamus – it looks so comfortable. Then I don’t have to lapik with baby napkin.
6. Meal Time Bib by Combi – the combination of cotton (lining with plastic) and plastic foodie catch is good that I can fold it into the travel bag. Very convenient.
7. ………….. This one not so sure, but if I can afford I want to have a new baby cot by Mamas and Papas! Complete with sea life theme bedding set. Dang – it’s so expensive.
… and my list can go on and on and on and on…..

See, This 2.5’ x 4’ Sweet Cherry baby cot is already quite cramped when Nada is only 14months. The length is okay but not the width, somehow babies grow sideways too!

So, no doubt. All my children will enjoy equal love and equal comfort the much that I can afford. Isn’t that what mothers are for?

sigh …. Even with discounts, the car seat really cost me some cool RM. And if my mami know about it, she’s NOT gonna say much….. but at a different time she’ll urge me – “Beli gak adik baghe mah…. Oghe tengok gak tak doook ‘ma-ka gapo” – means : Please buy some gold jewelry… people see you then not wearing anything.
For majority of Kelantanese people, if you don’t have gold jewelry on you, it’s like you are naked and you are so incapable. It’s no good for your image. True? – I don’t know.

Wahai mami, I can’t change these people mind set that may be have already existed ever since Tanah Sekebun Bunga existed. They may say what they like lah ! I don’t give a shit. – Currently – don’t have the pleasure in gold stuffs yet and it is SO NOT ME to do things because of what other people may think. My way is for my own satisfaction and for my own good – not for show to others. This is where Yanti is stubborn and hard headed. Sorry mami.

I am happy if my little dew is happy. (didn’t I tell yal Nada in Arabic means Dew…. Her Nenek calls her Cik Embun)

Friday, June 12, 2009

One fine Day

I hate it most when I need to drive to work, not only to work la… anywhere. Driving is just not my cup of tea. It is a tiring task for me. I always say … if I am rich enuf I would definitely hire a driver for myself over having a gardener!

Having to drive, I would rather sit and relax at the passenger seat or be a sleeping co-pilot or do reading during travels. Tak… me not get pening to read in a moving vehicle. Now, I have “great” time even at the back seat with Nada. Ya, could be great when she behave and be a nice gal, but at the occasions when she is cranky….. hmmmm, that’s when Mommy’s fierce face come about. Well, mostly she has been very co-operative and obedient. Shouldn’t complain much.

On any event, I can’t avoid but to drive when I need to. Many of them, when Harris is out station… which is at average of one-two days frequency a week or both of us are having meetings outside the office and we got to drive separate cars. What to do…

It was an all day meetings for me yesterday, from morning until afternoon.
The good thing was that the fourth and last meeting ended at around 5pm. I really didn’t feel like going back to office to finish up the final working hour even though the place of the meeting is not far from office. Would I have driven back to office, it took about 20mins, find a car parking space - another 10mins and the walk from my car inclusive of catching the lift up would be another 15mins. All in 45mins…. Just left with 15mins for the working hour to end. Furthermore, would I be in the office with that time left, I surely be sitting longer trying to tie whatever loose ends left for the day and ended up only leaving the office close to 8pm.
So, don’t want lah, I decided to call my boss after the last meeting and told him – “Boss! I am not coming back to office. I want to go home now.” He was okay yesterday for letting me go. Urrrr, ya there are moments when he would say, “No..no Yanti, I need to see you in the office urgently.” Hmmm, again what to do. Don’t want this kind of crap… be own boss ler…. Ya… ya… working towards it.

Many times, they are bad days for me when I have to drive and having whole day meetingsssssssss. Some how yesterday was just a fine day. I went straight to fetch Nada at her Nanny’s after the call and felt so good that I could see her smiling face seeing me when the sun is still ‘smiling’ (though being blurred by the haze), not like the usual when dusk has already taken over.

Me then, drove back to Ampang Utama area to fetch Harris. I believe the drive was smooth as heavy traffic yet to occur. It only took me half hour for the tour from Ampang Hilir to Bukit Indah and back to Ampang Utama. So I waited the other half hour before Harris could join us with my lovely girl asleep at the back of our car on her own. She – good, huh!

As soon as Daddy open the car door…. Nada’s sleeping eyes went …. Keting! Terbuka terus. Greeting dad with her best smile. See…. why the title of this entry as “One fine day”? (Hmm, I remember a movie title the same. Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney - She was an architect too in the movie).
Such a simple gesture from an innocent “creature” brings so much delight to us.

The day was still relatively early, we decided for dinner at Secret Recipe. What more could be better to do than to spice up the readily contend feeling with a nice family dinner. The chocolate cheese cake after main course conclude it all. Yummmm.

Even let Nada had the taste of the cake!… Opps, tak boley banyak. Not sugar free.

I know what I went thru yesterday could be ‘nothing’ so fanciful to many people. But for a working mom like me, I wish I could do it more often, especially to fetch my girl before the street lights are on. Able to sit and have a nice chat with my other half over a good dinner - not in a rush, reach home and I still have hours to chill, watch News, entertain Nada dancing and complete my house chores satisfactorily before my day eventually end, as in hitting the bed after a good warm bath!

Ahhhhh…. TGIF !

Yeay !!!! Happy times

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is it about a car seat?

any resemblance?
It had been an intense search of a car seat for the few last weekends and all I want is …. To go to the US or UK and buy one…. Emmmm, since UK Safety Standards for car seats is higher… I choose UK then. …he he, I wish!

awwww... isn't she adorable?

Long legs?….Ah, How I hope my daughter will get it from her dad… Tinggi lah.....

It was quiet mind stressing when I was not able to get what I want. Further more, dealing with the sales promoter whom doesn’t really know about the product made me agitated. It was good explanation from promoters at specialized baby products stores like among the many - Mother Care, Mamours, Safe N Sound.. but can’t say the same for those at malls even if they are stationed at the baby products section – particularly strollers, carriers and car seats.

…. One told me, the seat can’t be recline when I could see the recline lever clearly. What the shit is she talking?

…. Other one tried to demo to me how to raise the headrest by pulling the lever so hard when the big word shown at the lever as “ROTATE” !. I’d go…. “Dik… jangan tarik… rotate, rotate, pusing, pusing…!”

…. Next to other one was pushing the back rest for a recline position when I realized the mechanism is actually by pulling the lever and raising the seat itself making it tilted backwards.
Instead of her showing me, I showed her how to do.

…. Two guys were in so much difficulty to show me how the back rest of a seat can be extended. I don’t believe it could be that difficult. Then I’d go…. “Dik… mana akak tengok manual… Hmm, losen up the strap, one hand press button and pull…..” Aiyyyyooooooo. That easy?

Tell what, after I complete my buying of a car seat…. I bet I can be a personal car seat selection advisor to anyone whom intent to buy. Just let me know your desired criteria and budget. *Sigh*

There is a very wide selection of car seats here even in Malaysia, but not many models actually satisfy my criteria. I can summarize that most car seats available in the market are divided into 3 categories, i.e
1. the infant car seat cum the carrier for newborn up to 20lb (9kg),
2. the convertibles car seats for toddlers from 20lb (9kg) to 40lb (18kg) or from newborn to 18kg
3. the boosters car seats for toddler and children up to 80lb (36kg) or maybe up to 100lb.

I’ve been eyeing a Maxi-Cosi model which I thought would satisfy me, but NO it didn’t. I want :
a. A convertible type of car seat that can take up to 36kg weight. Since I already have an infant carrier for newborn that comes in the travel system of Nada’s Peg-P stroller, it need not necessarily to cater newborn needs.
b. Of course passed all the Safety Standards requirement
c. At least 3 reclining position able to be adjusted with a single lever handle preferably at max 45deg, so if my girl is sleeping, her head doesn’t pop out.
d. EPS foam padded
e. Able to be installed both rear and forward facing
f. No threading for strap adjustment
g. Removable covers preferably for machine wash
h. …. Cantik !…..

So far, I am only served with 5 models that I can choose from but all are with their own flaws :
1. The GRACO – Nautilus 1-2-3 Convertible.
Flaw – The back reclining is too little and Not for rear facing installation.

2. The FIRST YEARS – True Fit Convertible.
Flaw – Reclining to be adjusted by flipping the base at below the seat. Meaning : car must be at stop. No child is sitting inside, unbuckle the whole installation, raise the seat and flip the base, buckle back. Too much hassle.

3. The SAFETY FIRST – All in One Convertible
Flaw – The overall design doesn’t look neat (... it's actually Harris's opinion and I do agree)

4. The COMBI – I can’t remember model name
Flaw – Too bulky… too big for our Sedan. (Unless, we change our old Sentra to a 5 series maybe . Kah! Kah! Kah!)

5. The RECARO – Signo Convertible
Both Harris and I fall for this one. It has all I want, clean design, seaming is neat and compact too. But the biggest flaw of all – The price almost doubled my budget ! Ghee, in fact it cost almost another of Nada’s travel system stroller. Ouch.. not ready to spend that much.

I know I’ve got to sacrifice either the wanted criteria or my Ringgit. Can’t get both at the please of myself. Urgh! Haven’t decided which one yet. At first, I thought my expectation of a car seat is too much, but after googling websites….. it is not at all of an issue. There are so many choices that fit the criteria with various design cover selection. And the price is so much cheaper too even with the relative conversion to RM. Should I fly to UK and get one?

Somehow, I’ve got to decide. Nada has outgrown her carrier for more than an inch (when it is advised to change baby carrier car seat before an infant top head is an inch to reach top of seat) and she also refuse to be in the recline position all the time. Dah besar! Nak tengok keluar tingkap la pulak…… she said.

Mommy singing… Money, money ! …. Mana nak carey?

She was so little then

Ini namanya memikirkan masalah dunia sambil tido...

She and her unique habit while drinking – main kening!!!
want some? I cannot finish

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bandung is NOT for me and yet Bandung IS for me

The girls at Soekarno Hatta Airport - Jakarta

Suara (Ku Berharap) Hijau Daun
Di sini aku masih sendiri. Merenungi hari-hari sepi.
Aku tanpamu... masih tanpamu...
Bila esok hari datang lagi.
Ku coba tuk hadapi semua ini.
Meski tanpamu... meski tanpamu...
Bila aku dapat bintang yang berpijar.
Mentari yang tenang bersamaku disini.
Kudapat tertawa menangis merenung.
Di tempat ini aku bertahan.
Suara dengarkanlah aku.
Apa khabarnya pujaan hatiku.
Aku masih menunggunya.
Masih berharap di dalam hatinya.
Dan aku masih tetap di sini.
Kulewati semua yang terjadi.
Aku menunggumu...
Bait-bait kata dari lagu-lagu Indon yang asyik bangat menjadi halwa telinga tatkala menyusuri liku-liku jalan dan melewati satu-persatu toko-toko yang begitu banyak di Kota Bandung.

Pergh… that is a nice prologue to my entry !… No, I don’t sound stupid to write in Malay with Indon’s zest.

It’s been more than two years from our last overseas vacation to Turkey in 2006. The year 2007 was my pregnancy year and due to dear husband being a very cautious person on top of me facing difficulty to conceive, no long haul flights were allowed for me even though I tried to convince him I would do fine. Year 2008 then, with a newborn …. wasn’t so sure if I can handle stuffs efficiently…. I dare not travel far besides balik kampong,…. though it also takes us 8-9 hours drive up East! So, this year… it is just the right time for a little self treat and my kaki was already so gatal.

After considering few places, we chose Bandung for… of course, being not so expensive & not so far. Because of the same reasons too… we thought why not bring along our beloved moms for Mother’s Day celebration. Haiya….. me kedekut la during this economy slow down. Hajat hati memang nak bawa pergi Umrah, tapi hati ini la pulak masih belum benar2 terbuka untuk lawatan indah itu.

If anyone ask me if I like Bandung and would I want for another visit? My instant answer will be….. NO. Enough of Bandung for me. I opine that Bandung is not my kind of place for vacation. After touring the inactive volcano – Tangkuban Parahu, not much of things to do other than shopping.

Tangkuban Parahu

As a normal female, I do love shopping but I am not a shopaholic. The usual me, I consider many angles before spending. If I really need it, if I really like it, if it really fit my budget, if it really worth my hard earn money. I don’t mind spending RM 1000 on a single item that satisfy my criteria than spending RM 100 on many items not so fond to me. That’s why I don’t have many stuffs but the little that I have are all I love.

Maybe also by having two moms whom constantly nagging me on opinions if the shirt or jeans or blouse or textile is nice or not, conversion of IDR and RM, sizes of clothing for grandchildren, whom have they left out from their buys and a lot more, my attention was more focused in accommodating their shopping rather than my own.

Pasar Baru is a pack bazaar with hundreds of shops… Most are selling textile and over-rated embroidered kebayas-kurungs. Me…. Not really into that. I love embroideries… but, the kind of design that I like. Other thing, my girl was not comfortable in Pasar Baru. It was too pack… and stuffy, she was sweating and got cranky all the time. Sekejap ok – banyaknya tak ok.
But both of my moms…. They love it.

We went to Pasar Baru for two consequtive days ... because my moms want to... but my girl flatted on the floor.

The many-many so called Factory Outlet Stores… ya, love it for the clothing.. but not the imitations.

So, yes Bandung is for shopping, but vacations for me … prefer the hot air balloon ride over beautiful-scape of Cappadocia, visits to the Pammukale salted terrace lake or may be dinner with belly dancing gals on the table in Turkey… sky diving in Taupo… or just mere driving and enjoy the scenic view of New Zealand North Island like what we did for our honeymoon.

In contradiction however, my Ayah Su once asked me which place would I opt as ‘visits top list’ comparing the few trips that I had.

At that time, I have yet to visit Bandung… and my answer was Medan – Lake Toba. We visited Medan in 2005 and unlike other places, the flashes of people’s face I seen in Medan came to visit my mind constantly even months after the visit. The faces of little girls selling cut fruits during vehicle stopped at traffic lights, the faces of road side traders chasing for tourists to buy their goods, the faces of little boys shouting for us to throw nickel into Lake Toba so that they can show off their skill in diving but more importantly to get the nickel.

They were damn good - I enjoyed watching them so much, but after a while…. All I want to say was Stop!
I felt sad for what they have to do for just some coins. The lake water was so cold…. And they were little boys, some may be just 3, 4 years old following their elder brothers – bare naked and shivering. It is dangerous too, even though it seems that is their playground. I would never let my child to touch even the water edge unattended.

So was Bandung. I still have the faces of people and occurrences coming visiting my mind – may be because I choose to. The faces of pleasant looking and polite Sundanese in the bazaar and hotel whom treated us with full respect, the faces of men shadowing us with umbrellas waiting for tips, the faces of little boys by roads…. even the faces of traders harassing us to buy their goods.

The supir is a Sundanese... tell ya... they are pleasant looking people.

When I was in Pasar Baru, I asked one of the merchandisers how much is the cost of beads sewing for the materials. He informed me for a standard design, (which I consider ‘heavy’) cost about IDR 20K inclusive the beads. That is about RM 7!!!!! Way… way… too cheap for me, inclusive the beads, ok…. Sapalah kat Malaysia ni yang nak ambik upah macam tu untuk jahit manik. Instantly, I felt sad and even lost the mood to choose my own textile thinking about the girl’s hard time for just less than RM 7. Ya… ya… ya… I can be weird too. Who-la gonna ask the shop owner that kinda question and feel sad about it ?

See, I am a stubborn and hard-headed person – my mami says. But I always have soft spots for this kind of things. I hate to see Banglas at petrol station waving flags. I see no purpose why the owner get him to do it in the hot sun. Filling petrol is a ready market. People don’t choose to fill petrol because they see a Bangla waving flags. Kesian dia – for god sake. Get him to wash toilet even make more sense.

Again if people ask me, would I want for another visit to Bandung… answer is still… hmmmmmm NO lah, unless its free. But if people ask me, do you put Bandung as your visits top list.
My answer - Yes, it’s a top list. It’s for my soul. It make me sit and look back….. and be grateful of what I have. I am not rich.. not born in a rich family.. but I am not facing too much difficulty in life either, up till now.
I complain at times of my hectic and mind pressuring work – but at least it is a close 5 figure remunerate job.

That is why, Bandung is NOT for me and yet Bandung IS for me.

* Wonder what will I see if I visit India…hmmm, India next perhaps? – Harris gonna shout : NOT THIS YEAR !!!!! – no more money ! *

* Roger! sir! * …. Softly whispering : but if I still want – you know I’ll win…. He he. :)

Flight back home