Friday, November 5, 2010

That little shopping – HK Day 4

Having to stay and experienced Disneyland Hotel, I have to write a review about it. There are two hotels in HK Disneyland namely, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel.

We are family...

We stayed in Disney's Hollywood Hotel for the reason of its’ cheaper rate compared to other one. There are several types of rooms of same hotel which were also rated differently. I chose a Sea View room hoping for uninterrupted view and not fronting to other rooms. Good instinct I had, we had a great view from our window!

However, the building is spread wide enough that even the fronting rooms has more than 150’ distance. So not so bad.

Braille equipped hotel plan

The architectural layout is straight forward with clean space formation that you’ll hardly get lost in it. Interior works is nice, neat and cheerful.


Exchanging cards?

Only downside I would say is the placement of reception counter. Bad design – with two huge column blocking. Apara… itu arkitek….

What a total blunder...having that two column

Their service is superb, which can easily be judged by the time taken for registration and other wise. Check-in only takes you 10 minutes or so and check-out merely 5 minutes!

The cream of Disneyland Hotel to me however is their detail attention to the needs of little ones. What else can I say.. It's DISNEYLAND ! Really makes me happy. During the check-in we were informed that the room is equipped with two compact queen size beds which are positioned detached from the side walls and being asked if we would want a bed fence to be fixed. I agreed. As a baby product junkie myself, I checked the brand of the bed fence. They use LINDAM….. Not bad, eh.

All toiletries and towels are provided in three for our room, and of course one is in a smaller size fit for our love, Dew.

The mickey mouse gargle glass are also in two sizes...

May be I have not stayed in many hotels enough to say, it was the only hotel thus far that I encountered such provision.

Bravo Disney's Hollywood Hotel.

We procured the Disneyland Stay 2 Days tickets, i.e promotion price to enter the park for two consecutive days by staying in the Hotel. Thus, Day 4 was still planned for Disneyland, but I didn’t intend to be in the park for the whole day long. What I had in mind was half day in the park and to head to Tung Chung which is just two stop away by MTR from Disneyland Resort MTR station for a cable car ride to Hon Ming 360 and a little shopping at the Citygate Outlet (CO)

So after check-out, we left our luggage at the hotel storage service and entered the park. The weather for second day in the park was so much pleasant compared to the first day. It was scorching hot earlier but second day was shadowed. Nice! By noon we had completed all the rides and some of Dew’s liking were ridden twice.

Fire extinguisher in Tarzan's tree house.

We were left with much recommended live show called the Golden Mickey which is the next schedule time was at 4.00pm. Harris and I were contemplating if we were to wait or not since we planned for the cable car ride. Errrrr, actually it was me whom contemplated… Harris abide my decision.

Giving a deepest thought, I decided to watch the show. We went all the way to HK for Disneyland, might as well get ourselves satisfied. Golden Mickey show is a live 30 minutes theatre performance casting characters from Disney productions such as Snow White, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan dan macam-macam ada. It was a splendid show.

However, since I have watched Disney on Ice live performance and other theatre shows like Sounds of Music, Cats, Saturday Night Fever, Stomp.... I would say Golden Mickey show is a friction of those.

Oooo… ya, my Ayah Ngah used to furnish me with two free VIP tickets for many of international live performances at Istana Budaya. (There is a myth told in my family that said I am my Ayah Ngah’s favorite niece…..) During that period Harris and I were ‘Bujang Senang’, so we never missed to make ourselves available for the shows.

We went to Tung Chung anyway after watching the show, though it was rather late. I thought never mind if we couldn’t make it for the cable car ride, let’s just roam around the CO.

Harris said.. I didn't jump high enough earlier. So, this one should be ok.. No? Give me a break! I'm an old 35...

Citygate Outlet is a shopping complex built across a highway linking HK city and airport with branded items factory outlets boutiques being it’s retailers. Some are Bally, Clarks, Armani, Kookai, Mango… bla bla bla… I can say they ARE factory outlets, unlike in Bandung which I couldn’t tell if a product is an imitation or factory outlets.

O.. come on! When two pairs of trousers are exactly of a same design, same material but with different brand label, can you say they are factory outlets. To me.. it looks more like a belasah-punya-immitation. Mek don’t like. I’d rather buy unknown brand.

I meant for myself a handbag, so purchased one. Among the many-many brands, we know Coach is always relevantly cheaper compared to other brands. And since it is factory outlets, the goods are offered at 10-15% lesser than the normal retail price. Mek kedekut… and chose between the ones that were offered at 50% discount. So, I just spent HKD1900. He he. Even so, I was going back and forth weather to buy or not. Punyala susah. Mek ni kampong skett..

Strange, when my cousin was going to further his tertiary study doing Medicine in Egypt recently, I dedicate him a bigger sum of money... double than what I spent for the handbag with no second thought. Not at all.. in fact I was so contend with my act. Nothing to brag about it, but that is to show spending money in different ways contend different people differently. There is no right or wrong.

Anyway, I can say the handbag was a worth buy and I always savor anything worth it. Mek berkira-berkira…. To buy one for my MIL or my Mok and my Mami. My MIL has three DILs, but whenever she needs a handbag she always ask from me. So it would be nice if this time around I get her a new handbag without she has to ask.. hmmm? And Mok… it will be so glamorous for her to carry a Bally, isn’t it? And if buy for Mok… Mami has to have too… right? though she just had one for Raya….

I also thought I should get a pair of Clarks for my one and only nephew.

Sadly, I do not have much time at CO. Trust me… I am not giving myself an excuse. I didn’t even get anything for Nada.

Harris was pressing me citing we had our bags at Disneyland Hotel storage to be claimed, though they never gave us any time limit. He kept reminding me that we still have to figure our way to next hotel we were to spend our next two nights in HK. My husband always like that one….

We left CO at around 8.30pm back to Disneyland to get our luggage. After 6 times of exchanging MTR, walk trough the long Mong Kok East station, a shopping mall (which I do not know what name it is) .. we arrived at Royal Plaza Hotel in Kowloon close to 10.30pm. Mek dah tak dapat rasa tapak kaki… perasaan nak terjun atas katil jek…

So, if I could have one more day in HK.. I want to spend that day at Citygate Outlet, Tung Chung.

Gambar pun sekeping ni je sempat ambik... This is the part where it crosses the highway...