Friday, December 11, 2009

Saigon, here we come

The blog seriously needs an update and I am gonna finish my Piala Malaysia experience series after this one.
(Hopefully Kerabu Jantung will be patience enuf… I usually will finish what I started even though it’ll take a lloooonnnng time. Oooops earlier series also yet completed : The Pale Green Home, aiyah! – slap my own face)

Yuuuup, the title says it all… we are going for a short 4 days 3 nights trip to Ho Chi Minh from Saturday, I mean just a matter of few more hours. Wish me a safe and wonderful holiday, people !

It was supposed to be Harris’s office sponsored trip which is only for the staff. But I guess, you all know la… this mother hen (wey, I really mean mother hen with two legs and a pair of wings – not the one at Lorong Haji Taib) can’t stop making noise. I nagged and nagged and nagged Harris to ask his office administration if I could tumpang sekaki. I don’t mind paying for my own expenses. Again, this mother hen is not shame to admit that she is not the shameful type when it comes to this sort of item. He he. My feet got mole oneee….

My darling hubby on the other hand had to put away all of his shame to place my intention to the attention of trip organizer. One day after work, he told me – “Yes, you can join the trip to Vietnam”. Waaaaaaa!!!! Me so excited, I made my own assumption that surely there were many hubbies whom their wives pestered them to ask the same thing. The decision was made then due to the volume of requests.

Guess what Harris answered me? “Taklah, Abang je yang tanya." Gulp! I felt chocked. Is it real? I don’t believe it, could I be the only noisy mother hen? Guiltiness surrounded my senses.

Anyway, that thought only perplexed me for a very short moment. Always see a glass as half full! If it’s not because of me being the noisy mother hen nagging the big cock,… the other nicer mother hens wouldn’t be able to enjoy the trip, aren’t they? Adding as bonus, trip organizer also decided to sponsor for spouse’s trip expenses. Haaaaa, see the benefit to have a noisy mother hen? For that, I thank myself.

No doubt we are definitely bringing the little bidadari Dew along, even though her expenses is not counted in the package.

So, I am excited towards this trip. Further more I’ve contacted a friend from school whom is attached to Petronas and has been living Saigon for about a year. I really hope we would be able to meet up.

I’ve done with my before trip MUST-DO and MUST-BRING lists, It's 3am anyway. Of course most of the items in the list concerns Dew the most.
Before our trip to Bandung earlier this year, I made Harris agreed to cash out his RM 600 for the Baby Bjorn carrier albeit Dew has already own a carrier before the Bjorn. How? Oh… easy, I always implement the veto decision convinced him to trust my instinct. :P
Many times when we were in Bandung, Harris kept saying “It’s a good thing that we get this carrier or I could end up having back pain….”

Since Nada now is quite ‘heavy’ and ‘long’ to fit into the carrier even though she is still within limit specified by manufacturer, I thought we should get a pushchair for this trip. A light, not bulky and umbrella closure type. Easy to carry and practical to use. Lil Dew definitely will get tired at any point and I figured this stroller would be much useful. We could use in the airport right to the aircraft and shaft it by the door or in the overhead luggage area once we get into the fuselage, I have seen many people do that. Should later it is not really needed in HCM or the city could be less friendly to push chairs, then we’d just leave it in the hotel room.

My initial thought was to buy one of those pushchair which cost less than RM 100, but somehow after due consideration we end-up buying this one at more than triple of our budget. *Sigh*

I got hooked with it after looking at the size it become upon being folded up!

Lets make the buy worth even more …… to families whom have plans for trip and think this cutey push chair would do wonders… be a NOISY MOTHER HEN and don’t be shameful to ask me if you want to borrow. Non-chargeable. (Heard somebody is off to Melbourne?, siapakah itu ?)

Just shout out loud. (Susah nak baca ni – Macam - She sells sea shells at the sea shore!)

Oh dear…. I really love baby gadgets I think I want to own a business of it’s kind. For traveling purpose alone, lil Dew now has 2 pushchairs, 2 car seats, 2 carriers before her age is 2.
Well, I need not have to worry so much about that, surely there’ll be others who has more and different people has different interests anyway.

For now, I want to finish up a full bowl of trifle pudding and sing happily : “All our bags are packed and we are ready to go …………….”
P/s - Will brag about the trip later. Please bear with me, ya !
P/p/s - Mentibang ; thank you for this beautiful and delicious pudding. Must be nslave who made it!