Friday, May 18, 2012

Seia Sekata

I'm watching Seia Sekata SchAwal and practically crying......

aahhhh... i love weddings.

What has gone wrong?

My friends and I spent some time at A&W for ice-cream after visiting our alma mater , the activity we used to do during our weekend outings back then.

We talked on a lot of things and of course, matters on our children are priorities.
A friend brought up a subject which I agreed with her and so keen to improve on my parenting skill.

She told me making reference to her very own off-springs : “Mario, I find that they are very smart with their words. They perform well in school, their vocabulary and their knowledge are way advanced than what I myself had when I was their age… but I find that they are actually “empty”. Example, I asked them to wash their own school shoes, given the brush, soap and they just had to ask me : How to wash ? 

“How can they not able to figure themselves of a simple task in washing a pair of shoes ?….”

For a mother to confess such situation, I totally appreciate it. I know her kids, getting on stage for educational awards is like ‘kacang putih’ for them.

As we always want to see our children as ‘smart’, statements like this would make us grounded and realized : Yup, it could be true…….. and what should we do?

“Which part of our parenting skill has gone wrong?...”
“Haven’t we given them enough exposure to be a self-starter?..”
“Haven’t we created enough critical thinking, problem solving situation to our kids..?”
"Haven't we venture enough to instill the importance of creativity in our kids..?" 

It is indeed challenging, more over with our education system of seeing nos of A’s is so much important than nurturing diversity and EQ, I am so afraid I would be trapped in the same scenario.

In bringing up Nada, it is actually one of the things that I am afraid most…
That she grew up being an individual that is lack of common sense.. lack of EQ. For some reason, these two can’t be found in a typical school classrooms.

I am still lost in search of ways to overcome this lingering questions which has already nested in me for sometime.  
... at Taman Tasik Seremban.
Isn't that Mommy made apple box-pleat skirt yummy? One for sure, I know my example to her in handmades making has got into her habit in one way or another. She's now so keen with my sewing machine.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This used to be my playground

Every year on the first of May, my alma mater would conduct a reunion for the former students we call it,  the Old Girls Day. It is organized by Tunku Kurshiah College Old Girls Association, abbrev. TKCOGA. Many would trail back to Bukit Merbah for a get together no matter in what batch you were.
Ms Dew insisted to write her name..

I have never join any TKCOGA events but decided to do so this year for few reasons.

After school in 1992, I did went back there twice. First was to collect SPM results and the necessary certificates, second was after I got married and staying in Seremban. It was just a brief drive through with only Harris on one Saturday morning.
The recent visit was indeed a bittersweet come back. It would be the final year Tunku Kurshiah College to reside Bukit Merbah before the commencement of 2013 education term in Nilai – the new ground for TKC.

There’s so much memory I had in TKC, it’s definitely a favourite playground after the best ‘playground’ I had underneath my Pale Green Home. A lot had changed, but the same passion could still be felt.

We didn't have those exercise equipments back then.

Plastic plate now, no longer the metal tray for dines

My room in '92, now has grille for safety reason.

 Quotes everywhere.. desk, notice board. Still being practiced. I only to realize that these two that attracted me to snap photo came from one same person after gotten home. She's sure doing well.

It was joyful to meet up old girl friends that many of them I haven’t seen for more than 20 years. We’ve long made a conclusion and agreed that TKC was the place that we found the best of friendship. What can you expect of five solid years growing up together during the tender years of our age, sharing tears and laughter…, Quarrel and Hugs! We’ll have Good Friends! that most probably think alike.

There is something about TKC that we kinda have the intuition when we meet a KURSHIAN though our path had never crossed in the home ground.
Almost everyone had such encounter of after talking to one, we could guess that she’s a TKCian, and we’re right. Somehow….. I also don’t know how.

A gorgeous friend of mine.... her physics looks like she never left school. *I'm depressed*
 With our Biology teacher whom just retired and was surprised with a full sponsored vacation to Turkey by TKCOGA.

As much as I savour the joy with my friends, the best part to me was still being able to share the happiness of going back to school with my very own favourite girl – Nada. Showing her what has been part of me, what has made me that actually never leave me.

Managed to mend her dress strap & button. It's red covered button replacing tiny flowers 

Though, I couldn’t say I manage to impart to her my appreciation of my years in TKC, I’m already grateful that by end of our tour that day.. she told me : “Mommy, I like your school. It is big and clean....”

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Her second concert

Last year, she stood still on the stage during her first concert performance. This year however, she performed like a STAR! And I couldn't be less proud of my little senorita. I have a lot to say about the concert, but for now... let's enjoy the photos.

Before being ferried to school

Showing off tiny weeny bit of lipstick Mommy allowed on her.

Kind of festive..

Generous spread of pot luck food by parents

She's in Tulip class - performaing Frutti Senoritas

 excuse the photos.. after all that zooming it becomes smocky!

 Still enjoying herself to the Finale

A bouquet for Mommy, celebrating Mother's Day.
Ice-cream in return for all the excellant performers.