Sunday, November 27, 2011


I am sure most of us watched the CCTV record of a two year old girl in Beijing being ramped down by vehicles driven by two stupid-crazy-human-at-it’s-lowest-sense-being-a-homosapien. And those 15 who did nothing are equally bad.

We were angry and saddened by end of the episode.

It left shivers in my spine and I was speechless. My perception towards Chinese-China is even more grounded. K.I.A.S.U.

Ya, this ‘langgar-lari’ happens anywhere including here in my own country! Indeed, it is a sad thing. But I am sure it doesn’t need the 18th person to have courtesy to help here. I really hope so!

I read a thread comment on Youtube if I can remember it’s something saying that people in China are also outraged towards the incident.

But then, come on! 1 out of 18 only did care of a laying blooded child body in a busy market! Kalau difikir.. macam tak masuk akal….. It is a large pool of heartless people if we take consideration of 1.4 billion China's population, isn't it?

True enough, Made in China. My boss always says "You can find, have, make anything in China..."

  • Invent eggs. Feed people poison = get rich! Yuan..yuan..yuan…
  • Baby formula + poison. Feed babies = get rich! Yuan..yuan.. yuan..
  • Knock a child down. Better knock twice so she’ll die = save some Yuan! Richer by few thousands.


Despite terrified with the incident, I do look forward of our upcoming winter trip to Beijing soon. I believe the city itself has a lot to offer, or it could be just me who is always.. gatal kaki.

Hence, in preparation for the trip.. getting my family warm and cozy is the priority. I’d checked our coats, jackets, gloves, hats, muffler and wool socks. All are still in good condition, Harris and I don’t need any new ones. Errr... may be a couple of new socks will be good.

Ms Dew however, sure needs whole set for she hasn’t has any winter clothing as yet. This will be her first trip into the 'cold'. Well, she visited Bandung some 3 years back.. but Bandung is just cool not chill.

'We’re 85% done in getting her attire inclusive of new pairs of long john for us.

I’m still in the quest of getting her gloves, muffler, boots if possible (o! that Clarks children boots really caught my eyes - still thinking...) annnndddd adding to my list is a child harness! We are so gonna tie her with maximum distance of half a foot from us during our walks. Ok! I might be too much. May be ONE foot.

..wooot - wooot..

Oh Allah, instill in me, my family and friends good values so we would do good to ourselves and all around us. Amin.

Monday, November 21, 2011


* O god.. i'm so nervous watching this SEA Games final football match!................... i'm just going to rumble stuffs.

* ooooohh.. we just had a score! SERI now.. I'm having adrenalin rush as much as the players, I guess.

* Half time!.. how slow I am putting lines in this space. Nada gets upset with my shout. It annoys her and keeps comparing with Daddy whom has no sound at all. Hey! Daddy is as cool as cucumber and Mummy is as hot as lada cengek. Don't compare.

* Anyway, the Indonesians supporters behavior reminds me of Kelantan's supporters. Fanatics and to certain level, downgrade the means of sports.

* It's already 90+3 mins full time. So scared!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Each day

Earlier today at around 4pm, Nada called me from Rafi's hand phone. In her exact words :

"Mommy, I going Nona house (with) Uncle Pi. Later I befriend Mommy, ye. Mama Ika oso (read : also) going. Selamat Hari Raya..!"

Isk... She sure is growing up so quickly. Daily life I have to face.


Checklist for upcoming trip.

1. update Nada's passport photo. CHECKED.
Nada - 1yr 1month old.
Nada -3yrs 9months old
- Smile always like Daddy
-Big head with jendul forehead still
- Same eyes and eyebrows
- Less cheeks
- More significant chin and nose
- More hair, definitely
- More teeth
- Same pretty (and ganas too) brown girl