Monday, November 21, 2011


* O god.. i'm so nervous watching this SEA Games final football match!................... i'm just going to rumble stuffs.

* ooooohh.. we just had a score! SERI now.. I'm having adrenalin rush as much as the players, I guess.

* Half time!.. how slow I am putting lines in this space. Nada gets upset with my shout. It annoys her and keeps comparing with Daddy whom has no sound at all. Hey! Daddy is as cool as cucumber and Mummy is as hot as lada cengek. Don't compare.

* Anyway, the Indonesians supporters behavior reminds me of Kelantan's supporters. Fanatics and to certain level, downgrade the means of sports.

* It's already 90+3 mins full time. So scared!

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