Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lights Off Chit-Chat

It's never too late - I'm hanging on to the phrase to wish all Selamat Tahun Baru 2013!!!!

Hmmm.. looks like more than two months lapsed without any entry posted in this space. Many events had taken place, I just have to let them passed, I guessed.

January is a 'big' month for me. Nada will be 5 in the next three weeks... it reminds me, I've got to start making her my handmade birthday dress, the tradition I wish to keep.
Last night, I accompanied Nada for her bedtime. I read to her one of her favorite books - "My Mother's Garden" and switched the lights off after.

These were our chit-chat in the dark which left me pondering for a very long time :

Nada : "Mommy, kalau Mommy dengan Daddy meninggal, siapa nak jaga Nada?"
Mommy :"Mommy tak fikir. Nada nak siapa jaga Nada?"
Nada : "Abang Nyia lah"
Mommy : "Abang Nyia can't really take care of you. He needs to go to school..."
Nada : "Oooooo... Cik Byie nak jaga Nada tak?"
Mommy : "Mommy tak tahu, may be we can ask her. Mommy rasa biar Nek lah jaga Nada"
Nada : "Why?"
Mommy : "Because I know, Nek loves you as much as Mommy loves you"
Nada : "Oooooooo"...

            *Big pause*

Nada : "Mommy, Nada rasa kalau Mommy dengan Daddy meninggal, Nada pun nak meninggal lah...."

It's unbearable for me......

Nada :"Mommy, why you cry?"

Life is short. Love and treasure what we have...