Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She makes Mommy happy

Cik Byie hosted a birthday party for her Ibu and Cik Ra on Saturday a couple of weeks ago. Oh! how I love family gathering and good food. Good food for me is not necessarily exquisite French clear soup. Even the simplest snack of rojak buah is splendid when enjoyed in the cozy ambience with people whom you love.

We had :

- BBQ of Lamb (my favorite meat), chicken and prawns

- Spaghetti Bolognese

- Sandwiches

- Vegetables of Brocholi, Egg plant, Capsicum, Potato and Chicken Salad with my signature dressing. (Mek take pride in tis one)

- Rojak Buah

- Cheese cake

- Trifle Puding

- Hot coffee and Cold Sarsi

Kata party kan… My girl arrived in style. Her first TUTU, none other than Mommy’s handmade.

Of course, sharing stories, gossiping and catching up is a must during gatherings! That's everybody listening to my layar lara.

It reminds me of Nada’s antique that I shared during last Raya with my family which had created a big laugh among us.

It happened during Ramadhan.

Hmmmm..... let me elaborate a bit of our Ramadhan. I would say this year Ramadhan… we had the most days seated Iftar at our home dining table compared to the years before. The first 3 years of our marriage, my Iftar was basically kurma and kuih in SKS bus commuting KL-Seremban. T.H.R.E.E years! ok.. Not bad for someone who is not very patient like me. Once reached Seremban, Harris would be waiting to fetch me and I got to rush home for Maghrib prayer because it’s almost to Isyak. Done with prayers, only we went out to eat.

After 3 years, Harris then changed job to Subang. So both of us were commuting Seremban-KL. We prepared kurma, drinks, kuih & snacks in the car for Iftar which usually took place anywhere along KL-Seremban Highway. Full meal and Maghrib prayer were usually at the Seremban R&R. Simple it is.

The fifth Ramadhan together we had moved to KL, along came Nada. She was a still a tiny 7months ol baby. UH.. I can remember she’s 7mths? Ya because her first raya she was 8mths and for the first time had a high temperature ever since she was born. She had measles.

Aidilfitri 2008 – 8months : Fever

Aidilfitri 2009 – in Kebaya Nyonya

Aidilfitri 2010 – Mommy made her 10 dresses

Aidilfitri 2011 – wear make-up !

and skinny jeans..

Ever since, Iftar were like anything, anywhere that suit our schedule or more of it, Nada’s schedule. It could be, Harris rushed to fetch Nada, fetch me and we had Nasi Briyani near my office. Or Harris rushed to Pasar Ramadhan, I rushed to fetch Nada, we went back home… Nada not wanting to settle so I ate like sprinting a 100m run or Harris ate with a baby in his lap.

This year for our 8th Ramadhan together, things were a lot more smoother. My cousin Rafi whom has been staying with us for few months would head out to Pasar Ramadhan for Iftar menu. I gave him such allowance and the prerogative to make choices the way he wishes. Harris and I basically have no objection. Ya, we’re simple! At the same time, Rafi is kind enough to ensure rice is cooked and menus were properly served on the dining table, like this :

He has a bit of time to doing it because he usually reaches home at around 5.30~6.00am whereas I could only step foot at the doorstep around 7.15am no matter how rush I was. Even though I left office the earliest possible.

So, things were very smooth flowing until one day Rafi had a Buka Puasa function outside and Harris went to JB for an outstation, hence I was left with Harris’s daily task of fetching Nada from her Nanny’s… also the Iftar menu.

I fetched Nada and not bothered to go to Pasar Ramadhan because I knew there’s not much left at that time. It was so close to Iftar I decided I would just cook something simple and eat later once Harris reached home, in my calculation would be in next half hour to 40 minutes.

As I was unloading the bags and stuffs from the car, Nada told me – “Mommy, nak berak..”

Alahai, I quickly had them all on my shoulder and hand… My handbag, office bag, lap top bag, Nada’s school bag, Nada’s school library book folder, Nada’s water bottle.. all that I could. (When one is staying in an apartment… leaving something in the car and got to go and get it later vice versa, is something you hated most..)

With my shoulders and hands full, we hurried up home and straight to the toilet for Nada’s No.2. Can you imagine me trying to unlock all those house grill & door with only one free hand and a toddler pressing me to be fast. Stress!

Nada would never want to sit on the water closet though I bought her a seat extension for toddler. She would climb up the water closet and squats on it. Once squats, she has the habit to pull the water closet cover and lean the cover on her backside as if covering it. One hand then covers her nose and mouth. She’s very sensitive over her No.2 not wanting anyone to look.

She asked me to close the door and never peeped!

Usually I would just wait for her outside by the door, but that day I decided I needed to take out some stuff from the freezer to be thawed since I wanted to cook and I was running out of time prior Harris reached home.

I made the needed few steps to the kitchen while I kept asking Nada “Are you finished? Are you finished? Are you finished? Over and over again.

I felt the comfort of doing so. It’s something to keep my awareness level awake. Like if she slipped the water closet there would be instant communication between us both. I don’t know.. can’t really explain.

I took out the necessary from the freezer quickly possible and walked back to the toilet quickly possible while keep on asking “Are you finished? Are you finished?”

It surprised me to bumped into Nada at the room door. I asked her why did she come out of the toilet when it was yet washed !

Her face looked so fierce and a funny site too, one hand on her waist whilst the other one pointing at me, all naked with round belly of a toddler.. You…you NOT listen, Mommy. I NOT finish…! ”

She walked back to the toilet and repeated the whole process : PULL STEP STOOL, CLIMB WATER CLOSET, GET HER POSITION, PULL SEAT COVER, ONE HAND COVER NOSE AND MOUTH.

She looked at me : “See what happen already.. Me (My) poo-poo cannot come out !”

HAHAHAHAHAH.. I tell you…. I may not be good in putting it into words but it was SO funny. Her bowel system must be upset because of me keep on asking “Are you finished ? ”

All that combination of squatting on the water closet, fierce + frustrated face and her broken English….. Gheez..

“Nada – do sad”

“Nada – do happy”

“Nada – do gold fish”

“Nada – do shock, Oh my God!”

My favorite chocolate brownie.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Want to try

One stranger asked me where do I learn up sewing. By the way, I met him at a shop that I frequent for tailoring supplies or to finish up my tailored garment frail edges since I don't own a serger. He's the shop owner's brother.

I told him I don't take any classes, it's just try an error kind of thing and my mami is a seamstress, so may be I got a streak or two from her.
He didn't quite believe me and insisted I sure took up classes. Don't know la how to talk to people like this. He shouldn't had asked me if he had decided he has an answer or something..

Anyway, besides referring to the internet, this is how i do :

See dresses that I like, tebalkan muka... brave myself.. and start taking photos...

belek sana, belek sini..

check out the joints and what not.

After that, i dream of it... try to figure out how to make.. during my baths, during unfruitful meetings that I have to attend and I'm not the chair person.... anytime I can find.

So, some people just knew the ingredients of a dish by just tasting it.. I want to believe Allah s.w.t lend me a priceless gift to be able to sew.

I want to make something like this for Nada. Harap-harap menjadi.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Everyday marks a history

Mommy likes that she's not all the 'princessy' type. Girls do climb, jump and kick too.

Today, for the first time..... my 3yrs 8months and 6days girl let go our hands by herself and followed my cousin Rafi for an outing.

I was surprised that she finally accepted Rafi's offer after so long and weird me, I felt melancholic about it.

Mommy hopes you wouldn't do it so often.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kids and EQ

Many times I have this feeling that I want something that much but I feel people just don’t get it or not align with me in getting things done. It could happen at work, at home anywhere. Recently, it got to me and I really could not hold it any longer. I broke down to tears out of frustration and agitation.

Nada was puzzled looking at me crying, she came to me and asked few times.. “Kenapa Mommy nangis?”

I didn’t answer her but I didn’t want her to feel bad or thought that she’s got anything to do with it. So, I picked her up, put on my lap and just hugged her. Somehow, she too had watery eyes and eventually rolled down her cheeks with no sound.

Kids! They all start with good EQ within their own self.. Nada wanted to show me her compassion towards my grievances.

I didn’t want it to prolong, so I companied her for noon nap.

Lucky me that I now have a good hobby to distract me from stress, agitation, angriness and whatever negative ‘nouns’ to focus on something worth it. Yup! It’s sewing. While Nada took her noon nap, I spent the time in my tiny corner with Lady Gaga. All that makes me sick at that point in time just vanished for all I wanted was to finish the pretty dress.

... Mom of owner of the dress had chosed for Basket with fruits button. Cute stuff!

I was still stuck with Lady Gaga when Nada woke up from her about an hour noon nap. She came straight to me and again asked…. “Mommy, why you crying?.. why you crying?” (now in English.. maybe she thought I didn’t understand her the first round. J.)

Mommy - “It’s nothing..”

Nada – “Mommy, you scare? Tak pe.. Nada cry…!”

Again, Kids! They all start with good EQ within their own self … Nada wanted to tell me “It’s okay to cry when you need to because other people cry too.”

In Mommy's handmade : Aidilfitri 2011 lines ~ The Chest Pleat Dress

with random helicopter button for the sash, match up with her helicopter sandals