Saturday, October 8, 2011

Want to try

One stranger asked me where do I learn up sewing. By the way, I met him at a shop that I frequent for tailoring supplies or to finish up my tailored garment frail edges since I don't own a serger. He's the shop owner's brother.

I told him I don't take any classes, it's just try an error kind of thing and my mami is a seamstress, so may be I got a streak or two from her.
He didn't quite believe me and insisted I sure took up classes. Don't know la how to talk to people like this. He shouldn't had asked me if he had decided he has an answer or something..

Anyway, besides referring to the internet, this is how i do :

See dresses that I like, tebalkan muka... brave myself.. and start taking photos...

belek sana, belek sini..

check out the joints and what not.

After that, i dream of it... try to figure out how to make.. during my baths, during unfruitful meetings that I have to attend and I'm not the chair person.... anytime I can find.

So, some people just knew the ingredients of a dish by just tasting it.. I want to believe Allah s.w.t lend me a priceless gift to be able to sew.

I want to make something like this for Nada. Harap-harap menjadi.


mamikelate said...

Yep...hendak seribu daya, tk nak seribu dalih....BTW, that's a gojesss dress

Diyanazman said...

you are so talented... i hate youuuuuuuuuuu

whm6840 said...

betul tu..

U think i do not hate you for your skinny-no-tummy bod and cooking skills?? hhhmmm? hmmmm?