Saturday, September 25, 2010


………FUH! **Tiup habuk kat blog ni. :)

Almost everyday as I brace my daily life I always feel there’s something I want to blog about. Sadly, only the very few ‘lucky’ stories made it’s way to the world-wide-web.

For now, what’re inside me in no particular order :

1. If I have the chance, I would like to congratulate Nicol Ann David personally for procuring the 5th World Champ title. She’s smart and so committed with the game she loves, I salute her.

2. News on a baby girl who deceased at a nursery during day care scares me lot. It seems to me that the guardians are so lacking of basic education on baby care, letting baby having formula in a flat position. Please – have a pillow or something underneath the head which is supposed to be held at 45 degree position.
Anyhow, the other day… I encountered the same situation when a mom lets her older daughter aged 10y.o to attend to the younger one age 6m.o having milk in a real flat position on a sofa. I so want to voice my concern.. but I just shut my mouth. That was bad on my side….

3. I share the grief with many other Malaysians on the devastating death of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and others… including the Indian nation millionaire. It is even more painful to the family members of victims as at the time the news hit most relevant medias, Muslims are about to celebrate Eidulfitri. Make a pause,.... just see what evil money could bring to us. Nauzubillah.
Associated to this episode, many other issues and speculation were raised.. such as :
- Police’s action in investigating report cases
- Racism
- Politicians hearsay ………
But one attracted me most. Somebody told me : There’s surely something real ‘bad’ done by the victims that they died in a horrific way. Astaghfirullahaladzim. True enough, every one is entitled to their own opinion, but I am so glad that this sort of opinion hardly reach my senses.
I was saying to myself – I hope the children of Datuk Sosilawati is able to continue their mom’s business legacy and even bring it to higher level with this death when first known about the news. The same thought also came to me when Tan Sri S.M Nasimuddin passed away some time ago, despite the ‘hu-ha’ of A.Ps. Rather think positive things about others.. I guess.

4. I support Nurul Izzah Anwar in her decision to be one of the candidates for PKR's Vice President election and I read with much interest the interview of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim in Mingguan Malaysia. I thought – “hmmpphh… politik ni… sama je PR ke BN ke….2x5 lah……..”

5. I am excited with our upcoming trip to Hong Kong, but my leave application is yet approved. A note by my boss on the application form – “See me”…. Aduhai…
I am thinking of getting a designer handbag in HK for myself as a reward of my hardwork of whatever. …………. What say you?

6. Nada drags herself to the nursery every morning ever since she knew her Aunty Ani returned from Medan. She screamed – “Nak tido-nak tido-nak-tido” when we try to wake her up or to bathe her. When it’s time to leave the house she’ll bawl and cry… “Wait-wait-wait.. Nak TV”. Her tears accompanies her cheek all the way to the Nursery. Boleh hilang sabar but when she sincerely looks into my eyes and softly said.. “Mommy, no school nak aunty…….”.. I know I just have to send her back to the Indon nanny rather than to the nursery despite the chaos created by BENDERA !

7. What do I do with these shoes.....?