Friday, January 9, 2015

5th December and Placemat bags.

Happy New Year 2015! Oh dear, a year just went by so swiftly.

My favourite girl, Nada ended her kindy years last year December, 05th. It was definitely a bitter sweet moment for her and of course for me too. We have been sending Nada to Kindicare since she was 3 years old and I am glad I made the decision to send her there that early, during these foundation years. Whilst typical Asian schools usually be equal to study hard-achievement-award and all that intimidating scenario, Kindicare’s approach on the other hand encourage character building, creativity and the love for knowledge.

Yes I do want Nada to excel in her studies as this, in a way would pave a right and more concrete direction for her even though it is not necessarily true. However, I just do not want to be engulfed in the mess of fighting for YOU-MUST-GET-ALL-‘A’s-OR-AS-MANY-‘A’s-AS-YOU CAN-GET.

Urghhh, Mek rimas.

The best part about Kindicare for me, is the aunties whom are genuinely loving, nice and humble people. Every time I send Nada to school, I left the school compound at ease knowing she’s well love and taken care, without a doubt. Creative playing is number ONE, while learning A-B-C comes along.

My mami time and again asked me if it is necessary to spend close to RM1K each month for pre-school when there are many more other schools charging much less. It is only half a day. I totally get her, I myself didn’t even go to kindy for a start. On top of that, we have to hire commute transportation to fetch Nada from school and send her to the day care. Day care for another half a day then cost another usual RM300/month. But it is something I believe worth spending. Sure thing I got to buy a gold chain as big as tali kapal with money spent for school fees, but I don’t think I’ll be content with that.

The last day of school was marked with a Christmas party and the children were gifted with a present by Mr Santa. O well, – parents did supply the gifts! I thought it is the right year for Nada to hand out gifts for the aunties as well since it is her last year, as the way of saying thank you.

Thinking through, I thought this place mat bag idea by Dana would make a great handmade gift. It is something simple to make and definitely the cost of all would not create a big hole in my pocket.

So, one lunch hour I scouted the shops in VIVA homes, where my office is now located for the place mat. Emmm.. I didn’t go to many shops actually, in fact I straight away went to the RM5 shop hoping I’ll be able to find what I wanted.

Spot on, I got hold a pair of plastic place mat in blue stripes. I knew I must try to make one first just to make sure my Lady Gaga can take on the layers. You see, she’s kinda old this love of mine, you got to be gentle with her. Many times I snap on her for breaking the thread easily, not wanting to move….so on. Seriously, I wish Santa would gift me a JANOME! 
    To my surprise, Lady Gaga took on the challenge, and the first bag was whipped up quite easily. I got all excited about it and proceeded to buy 10 more pairs of place mats in multi stripe and solid colors.

A week to Christmas party, between work – house chores – many eating out – less sleep – countless time Lady Gaga broke the thread – I got frustrated….. I managed to get all 11 bags done just.. just (yes, I mean it) in time for the party.

Nada made thank you cards to each of the aunties accompanying the bags. I curse myself for not taking a single photo of them. They were only white A4 size papers that she folded into halves, decorated at the front and wordings in the inside. Some wordings came together with pictures she drew. What I like most about the cards was the fact that the wordings were thoughtfully written by Nada meant to each aunties individually.

-       She likes Aunty Meena’s cooking. (Aunty Meena is the cook)
-          She thanked Kakak Kameria for her cooking too. (Kakak Kameria is the bibik)
-          She’ll miss Aunty Shanti so much, that she is the best aunt. (Aunty Shanti is her class teacher for two years. Nada is always taken as her side kick)
-          She thanked Aunty Liza for helping her. (Aunty Liza is the guardian of baby class, the very first aunty that Nada got to know at 3yr old.)
-          She said she likes one of the Aunty’s voice – I can’t remember which one, must be the one who always sings…

  I feel good that my girl feels good about handmade or self made things and being creative in expressing herself. What a pride.

I put all the placemat bags into IKEA shopping bag for Nada to bring to school and all of a sudden she changed herself to become Santa! Ho ho hooooo….

In choosing which bag shall be given to whom, I gave total freedom to Nada for the decision, which later that day I was told by A.Jeane (the principal) – “no wonder Nada has been discreetly putting up conversations like days before, with the aunties asking them their favourite colour .. if they like orange or teal or green”.

I know Nada’s mind. She does a lot of cataloging in her way of thinking. She did told me, the black stripe bag would be perfect for Aunty Liza because A.Liza has dark skin. Ummm.. I donno.

Enough said, I do feel the genuine appreciation from all aunties to the humble bags that I made them. For that, I’m a happy mom and I sure shed lots and lots of tears last year December, 5th.

Nada with Aunty Shanti and her BFF, Arlia.

Farewell Kindicare, we hope to make occasional visits in years to come and remain friends.

Brace on Khalifah Model School, Bismillah……