Wednesday, September 24, 2008


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ha! I passed my architecture proffesional x-m.
Ar Safariyanti Mario bt Mahamud.

Isn't that nice?... oh wait till i register myself !

Bunch... bunch and bunch thank you to :

1. My husband - Abdul Harris bin Abdul Aziz for all the support and encouragement
2. My mother - Norjan bt Mohamed for the prayer
3. My mentor - Ar YS Ng for all the tutorials
4. My boss - Ar Tan Sze Keng for all the guidance
5. My self ! .... for all the hard work

CHEH... macam Oscar Award la pulak.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Olympic Beijing 2008

The Olympic Beijing 2008 had ended almost a month ago and I am still longing to watch the Olympiads in action! With gazettes on astro channels showing the wonderful parts of the games, how I hope there will be another Olympic this year.

What is it about Olympic that I like so much? Oh well… not only Olympic, I always have the unexplained LOVE for games. All Games, I would say.. but Olympic is a special one.

I came to know about it since “kecik-kecik”. My brother, Abg Payie just wanted to run like the sprinter Carl Lewis when he won the gold medal and secure world record. Then, when it was the turn of Ben Johnson… my brother also wanted to run like Ben Johnson. …. And being the sister I just got to run along with him. So, I have already made known to Olympiad names and enjoy the wonderful game since childhood.
Mind people……, I’m just a kampong girl whom hardly read news-papers! Since then, I developed the Love… for this mega sports event named Olympic.

Mountains of tq to the greeks people whom created it.

China is so determined to be the first for this year’s event which they are the host and ultimately they achieved it with 52 gold medals. Obviously, Olympic is a place of “bullet-free” battle for strength, passion, endurance, determination and achievement. It was such a satisfactory … contend … confident …. And…. proud look shown on each of Olympiad face who stand on the podium.
It’s like all the hard work is worth it for that split moment. Of cause.. Usain Bolt broke world record by just finishing his 100m run at only 0.03 sec earlier, but hey… do we think that was easy for him?…. Phelps may be has the physics suits best for swimmers or as they call him water baby. But was it easy for him too? No! it takes a loooooooot of effort from them to be WINNERS!
And a true sports man…. It’s nothing unless you are the first. That’s what made the Brazilian beach volley ball man team sobbed on the podium. Because they were second!

I just love the face of Steve Hooker when he successfully made his last pole vault jump which entitled him world record holder. And also Isinbaeva’s face right after she finished her world record jump too. Success is so sweet that even an Italiano man can shed tears over it! Remember Swazner’s face when he entered into the Bird Nest Stadium knowing he finished first for the 50km walk.
To me, these and many more are all lovely moments. I can actually felt it right thru my veins straight to the heart.

So special sports are … event like Olympic may gather thousands of people from every corner of planet earth. How meaningful when Chinese people welcoming others.. sang their hearts out, the Confusion wise saying “Friends came from apart… How happy we are!” during the extravaganza opening ceremony.
But so sad…. At the same time world is celebrating unity… Vladimir Putin ordered his troops for war against Georgia!
Such the world we live in.

To my beloved daughter Nada Firas bt Abdul Harris, this write on Olympic is nothing at all but to open you up for the meaning of DETERMINATION and ACHIEVEMENT.

Mommy hope you’ll develope gracefully with these good wills and able to taste the meaning of being a CHAMPION in whatever you do…. But hey! Don’t be afraid to fail… at times.