Friday, March 9, 2012

at work.. and in my mind..

I'm at work now and I miss Nada so much, I have tears in my eyes.

I wonder would she ever understand that I love her to the world, I can't imagine life without her. I constantly remind myself love to Allah s.w.t is the greatest.

She had grown up so fast these past couple of weeks.
+  She blamed Mommy for not winding up the side windscreen while driving her to school in the morning uttering : "Mommy, bectiye (bacteria) get into my nose, my eyes. Later I got flu! Quick! Wind up..."

+  She alerted Mommy : "Mommy, your facebook no more!" when the lap top changes to screen saver mode.

+  She just out of the blue : "Daddy, tak nak bawak milk pergi school" and took out the milk formula container out of her bag.

+  She again persisted : "Mommy, Nada big girl already. I don't want drink milk anymore!".
Mommy is sad. Not sure if sad because she no longer want to drink milk. She has been a big milk drinker all the while. Or sad because she thinks she is a big girl.
+  She had been very excited about her school trip to the zoo :
"Mommy, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, .... then we go to the ZoooOOOoooooo"
"Mommy, eat lunch, eat lunch, eat lunch, eat lunch,.... then we go to the ZooooOOOooo.." while showing the counts on her stubby tiny fingers.
"Mommy, no snacks.. only bring water bottle to the Zoo. Kena bawa yang ada tali like Alia. Mommy boleh bayar (beli) Ben 10-watch bottle untuk Nada?"
(she thinks "Ben-10-watch" is one word !)
This morning, she woke up and asked her Daddy "Botol air Nada ada tali tak?"
Daddy : "Ada, Mommy buat semalam.."
Last night, I sew a harness to attach to her old water tumbler. That would equip her to the Zoo.
Mommy : "Nada, see.... Mommy made for you the rope for your water bottle. Do you like it?"
Nada : "Yes.." with big grin on her face.
Mommy - *happy*
Nada : "Mommy, it's not rope. It's string. Mommy say wrong. Nada say right."
Mommy - *almost cried*.. how I love this tiny monster of mine.

O Allah, May you bless upon her good health and wealth. May she be your faithful servant all her life, a good khalifah to herself and all around her. Amin.
p.s : Wonder if she's enjoying her school trip today... for she's not an animal lover.