Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the commission sewing continues

... and another order, I'm creating a series for this which I shall name "My first Louboutin (almost!)" for the chili red sole. hehehe..

Monday, August 15, 2011

the first commissioned order(s)

I uploaded the two pairs of booties photos I earlier made in my fb page. Exactly 6 minutes after, a friend of mine sent messages requesting for a custom made booties as well.

Honestly, I do not sew with the thought I can make money out of it.

It is more of something that I find it fun, challenging, therapeutic and happiness. Fun because I am able to explore the creative side of me in inventing and finally create a name for the product, challenging in figuring out how to put things together, therapeutic because I just need something else more than the stressful office work load to slow me down and enjoy, happiness to see my baby girl posing in anything I made for her, happiness when people appreciate my handmade gifted to them. That is sewing to me.

However, I can't resist those messages that I mentioned earlier. Till now, I still can't believe that I actually took order for the booties. Here's what I made for her :

I name them Chasing Butterflies

With the help of office secretary, these cuties were couriered to my friend. On the same day, she (the secretary) nagged me that she needed the booties too for her niece.
I said "Dey! i'm busy la.... cannot sew for you!"
She went on and on and on "Aka, please la.. aka.. i make for you coffee every day right after fasting month finish"
Me then had to say "I will try".. to get her not to disturb me anymore so that I could get on with my heap of office work.

After I arrived home, I kept hearing the girl's name : EVE. Such a lovely name, hence these booties.
~ eve ~