Saturday, July 31, 2010


It is customary for us to greet “Assalamualaikum” whenever we are entering houses. We also do it upon entering our own home though nobody is in. Well, it is a well wish and surely there’ll be the Al-Mighty’s creation ‘living’ in the house other than us, the human being. We hope good ones! Our girl had also picked up the habit and whenever we open our house door, she’ll greet “AAAeeekooooMMM……..”

Different Note:
I’ve been trying to teach Nada to include the word “Please” in her gibberish talking. Sometimes she uses, mostly… she won’t. Today while I was in the kitchen cooking for lunch, she came in asking for her yogurt drink from the fridge.

Nada while pointing to the fridge door – “Mommy, nak ashiyum… ipen” means – Mommy, I want Calsiyum…open (the fridge)”

Mommy – “Nada, how should you say if you want Mommy to open the fridge door for you?”

Nada replied – “AAAeeekooooMMM……..”

Mommy – Ketawa tertonggeng-tonggeng!

We love her so much.