Saturday, January 29, 2011


Did these two Mommy made dresses ever make their appearance in the blog? no.. don't think so
The Shirring Dress
The Butterfly Wings Dress.. inspired by Made by Maya. (She learnt to pose by watching America's Next Top Model)

Nada’s pre-birthday present.

The Ruffle Shoulder Dress


The Green Rose Dress. (Anywhere u can find a green rose? My daughter has it !)

A lady will never have too many dresses. I have the feeling, ,she’ll have more of Mommy’s handmade…

I was telling my friend whom has one son age nine and currently trying for second that if she would be pregnant, it would be like having it for the first time again.

I myself is gradually loosing the precious memorable experience of carrying a human being inside me though it was only approximately four years ago that I gotten pregnant. Of cause I do remember.. but if you ask me to detail it… I would need to pull out my pregnant diary notes and recall real hard. It also sadden me.. at times I almost forgot of how it actually felt holding Nada when she was 12 months and below. Did I carry my daughter too little that this is happening to me ? I have to admit I was not a baby wearer and Nada’s daddy is one kindhearted hubby that he always pity me if I would need to carry Nada around. He would want to do the carrying job. Even now when his daughter is almost 14kg in weight … he still carries her as much as he wants and I think this will prolong for a much longer period. Nada is lucky.

Photos of our recent trip to Bangkok

Not only about carrying.. I am missing too the things people do when their baby is an infant. The simplest thing of putting mittens and booties on.

My baby girl will be three tomorrow and as usual I am melancholic about it. Way too fast for me.

She now attends playgroup at Kindicare till noon and back to her Nanny’s house after. I just want her to have fun, enjoying her childhood in a more conducive environment, hopefully she will.

Second day at Kindicare

.Celebrating the coming birthday with friends.

In the midst of me failing trying to be pregnant again… I am grateful to Allah s.w.t that I have Nada. If He plans for only this one beautiful child for me.. I am glad it was none other than her....


in Mommy's ferragamo and Mommy made The Lotsa Love Dress. (yeah.. I made her 10 dresses for Raya the other day and buy another 8 pairs... :)...

p.s – oh dear hubby.. if you are reading, I have a short wish list in regards to my crafting works.


1. Measurement tape in imperial… tak feel ukur-ukur dalam metric ni.

2. Gunting kain yang mata dia gerigi-gerigi / zig-zag

Please buy for me...