Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Still recuperating

I'm still at home.. recuperating.

Though Lady Gaga is like calling me to mend her and make something, I just dare not touching the machine for now. Mesin jahit kayuh .....kalau ader motor lain la jugak.

The free time I have, I thought why not do some cooking! Cooking is not that bad after all. I'm not that bad, either. Nobody got diarrhea thus far.

 Beef curry with potato
Stir fried cabbage/pepper and crispy fried anchovies

Stir fried chicken with ginger in oyster sauce.

Masak putih kobis!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Days in recovery

It's Saturday today! I'm still on medical leave due to the surgery I undergone 3 weeks ago. Feeling so much better, I am now able to walk faster even though not to the pace I usually do and at least able to do light house chores.
Few days back, I walked up the stairs to the first floor of our home after not going up for close to three weeks. Rasa macam nak pengsan! Not because of the stairs .... but chaos of all. The unfolded clothes, mess in Nada's closet, habuk yang tak boleh nak cerita, stacks and stacks of nick-nack here and there.. I don't know where to start.

I decided to let them just be and walked down.
Got hold of my phone.. texted Nada's Nanny : "Ani, hujung minggu ni boleh datang tolong saya kemas rumah"
She replied : "Boleh ma Nada..."
Forget about cleaning, I made beef fried rice with bak choy.

Always like fried rice with lots of vege and I prefer the vege to be crunchy. Yums! Nada makan bertambah.
Today's breakfast, bread with cheese and half boil ayam kampong eggs from my FIL breeds.

Don't tell my Mami about the soya sauce, she keeps saying it's not good to take after surgery.. Nanti kesan jahit jadi hitam. But I'm stubborn like that.