Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Ramadhan eid Mubarak is soon coming. This means … cepat-cepat ! kena ganti puasa, for me lah. I am not telling it’s you. I had my fast yesterday and it gave me the similar psychology and physical effect I felt many times fasting.

In the morning I got a bit beleaguered because I couldn’t do the most loved thing to do in the morning, i.e to take breakfast. Should there be standard three times meals a day, I love breakfast the most. I can skip lunch & dinner, but not breakfast. My face go sour if I reach office in the morning with my stomach not being filled. Toast bread with butter spread (melted), toast sandwiches, roti canai, nasi lemak, nasi goreng, nasi dagang, nasi belauk Mok wok /JJ (ni ghaso nok balik kelate lagi nih)… whatever, coupled with good coffee in the morning will bring shine to my face.

Once morning passed, the stressed feeling gradually evaporated and by noon I was just fine with fasting until afternoon. As the day going to late afternoon and nearing breaking fast time, I’d feel a bit more energetic. May be due to psychology move that “breaking fast is soon in time”.

I was able to leave office rather early yesterday that we could made it to a newly operated restaurant at Ampang Water Front about 25 minutes before Azan Maghrib after fetching Nada. The ordered dishes were served to us just at the right instance for Buka Puasa.

After breaking fast I felt even more energetic and enthusiastic. I realized this always happened if I simplify my breaking fast food intake. Benarlah kata junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w – Berhenti makan sebelum kenyang. I did finish up my meal which was curry noodle served in a perfect portion for me (not too much – not too little) and a cup of white coffee. Cukup – don’t go more than these or I’ll end up like a python after a kambing feast. I have no scientific evidence to back up of instantaneous energy boost. May be after a full day of relaxation, the digestive system started to gear up and the amount to churn is appropriately taken not burdening the engine.

We reached home and were able to Solat Maghrib berjemaah because the Little Dew was asleep continuing the sleep she had in her Recaro. Again, the happy feeling I felt. We hardly have the chance for jemaah particularly after Nada was born. It’s been a while since our last. Usually we take turns, as one of us has to put an eye on her fear for any of her dangerous act. No – I do not blame Nada for it, more likely “kami yang alpa” not trying hard enough to make time or plan our schedules right for ‘tujuh kali ganda pahala’.

Last night, after close to two years that we moved from Seremban and residing in the current apartment in Ampang that I decided to take a swim at the provided swimming pool. All because I felt I have the energy for it. Then, I thought – alah, I don’t have proper attire for the swim. Anyways, I just scouted thru my dresser drawer and found my size 32, 7 year old Arena tough suit. Mesti dah tak muat, tapi try jugak sarung. And heck ! I can still fit in! Wah – I was even more happy even though I can see the bulge out of tummy part. More sit-ups, please!

I was so ready to plunge into the pool that I also put my swimming cap on. Harris pesan – You make sure do your stretching before swimming or you’ll get cramped. Dalam hati, I said - Ah! I know that. I was a more sports cookie than you are! – che….. berlagak

I am never a good swimmer, sikit-sikit boleh la. After soooooooo long, I was excited last nite that I can still back float and savoring the beauty of night sky. Jaaauuuuuuhhhhhhh, nampak bintang kecik sangat and it was a beautiful star. The light bleeped occasionally. Unexpectedly, no other resident was at the swimming pool last night except for me, it made me assumed that the pool is my private pool and the apartment blocks belong to me. One rich lady swimming here, okay…. Pergh, seronok angan-angan MAK jenin ni….

Half hour of swimming, more of it – berendam…. I knew it was enough for me. Upon having my neck, shoulder, arms, legs and lungs worked in a rhythmic manner of few laps of butterfly strokes, I definitely felt the freshness.

The saga continued with warm bath back at home, I decided to pamper myself with self made tomato and cucumber mask. I diligently applied the 3 musts for facial treats of many people – wash, toner & moisturize. He, he – usually I left out the last two or only do the first two or kadang-kadang langsung takder. Ye, ye, Ms Amber Chia says – no such thing as ugly women only is lazy women. Me lor.

It was close to 10pm after I done with self attention. I rushed like mad with the usual house chores, washing Nada’s bottles and food containers, sterilizing, sweeping, folding washed laundry after ‘weekend balik kampung’, home filing etc. Having all the boring stuffs done, I still had my physical and emotional feeling rejuvenated. Mungkin itulah nikmat berpuasa.

So last nite, even though I skipped to watch my favorite documentary – Air Crash Investigation on NatGeo… I didn’t do the same for Desperate Housewives aired at 10.30pm (Itu la pasal… I was rushing like nobody’s business, to watch tv!).

Suspen nya… Mike Delfino kahwin dengan sapa la pulak ni? My guess is Katherine.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yang Benar Kadang-kadang Amat Sakit

My boss is now intensively renovating his house in Sierramas and keeps complaining to me how bad the original layout is, though it was previously designed by a renown architect. (I shall not mention whom).
I asked him why he bought the house in the first place if he hated the design so much. He told me, he didn’t buy the house but it is a contra asset over a debt own by his friend to him. Oooooh! That must be a lot of money own!

He also once told me, that he had a Stavic… also being a contra unit over a debt own to him.

Eh! Peliknya boss aku ni, so I asked him if he’s a “professional” A-long or something, because if he is – I am cool with it but…., it doesn’t go well with the Professional Architect’s Code of Conduct! He he..
We laughed over the ‘classy’ joke I tried to make. In a more serious tone on the other hand, my boss made it clear to me that he would be so much more richer if he is an A-long ! Bagi pinjam duit – ada interest. Ini sen pun tarak.
He let it out to me, many friends came to him for money but it is so difficult to get them to pay back. When money want, everyone has a hand phone and keep calling, but when it’s paying time…. It’s like the phone was dropped in a pool of water or had lost. Not a single ring.

I shared with him my grievances too, Not much – just the gist. People owing me might not be as big as his, not even a tiny-weeny fraction of his, but the total amount in accordance to my last calculation… I was already able to buy a standard Kancil in cash. Sedih rasa hati ni sebenarnya, when I know I worked my ass out like a donkey to earn a living, orang pinjam duit… then diam je.

One may ask me, how can it happen to me for letting my money out quite much. Hanya yang empunya diri yang tahu. When somebody came to me asking for help, I feel I must help. Sincere or not.. it’s between me and Allah s.w.t. Ada yang rasa tak ikhlas bagi, and at the same time rasa kena bagi. Berbelah bagi!
Especially when I know, one is not asking to owe because one will never pay me back… one actually ask for money but mention as pinjam. I felt guilty if I didn’t help. That’s my weakness, such big soft spot for people when they ‘beg’. (And how can my mami still say I am stubborn and hard headed?)

I totally agree with Suze Orman as I watched Oprah Winfrey Show that she said …. She doesn’t believe when people keep saying that they have no money at all to be set aside for savings and to pay debts. More of it, it’s because people keep failing to prioritize the importance. Say what we like about the statement by this Yahudi, I find there are truth in it.

Some moron will say… what about people who is miskin tegar… when they barely have enough to eat, what more for saving. I would say, kalau miskin tegar senang pulak, kita dengan tenang hati boleh anggap sedekah, and I think a miskin tegar would be better than many of us to distinguish on the priority, that is to survive, then dahulukan bayar hutang. But, I want to ask you… are you one miskin tegar? … that you can’t honor your debts? Answer honestly.

At times, I do owe money too, usually for lunches. Harris helps me with withdrawing money from ATM. So, if he is not around, I am short of cash at a rare occasion due to my laziness to the ATM. Then, at night before going to bed I will tell him that I owe this person this much of money (usually 10 bucks), and please make sure to pay the person in the event malaikat Maut has been ordered to take me during my sleep. Yela…. what if MATI dulu?
(I so can see many people will hate me for saying this out, but heck… I am not in Akademi Fantasia trying to be liked and popular so that I’ll get more votes. And proof me wrong if what I say is wrong.)
I do not anticipate or do not want to anticipate the person to halalkan my debt just because I no longer exist in this world.

I do need money as much as every one else does and I had my difficult time too. But I can’t go to anyone except to Allah s.w.t and myself, the most Harris. Some people are lucky to have their parents whom at a time can help them financially.

Buy a car – parents may help with down payment.
Buy a house – parents may help with a portion not covered by the bank.
Out of job – parents may help a bit here and there. etc

It is nothing wrong with that and I totally support the giving for those affordable parents, but me, I don’t want to expect that from my mami, I know I can’t expect that.

Strange thing …. the same parent may help own children for ease of their life but at the same time hesitated to pay debt own to others sebab fikir…. Orang kelantan kata “tok ‘de duik” means - not enough money.

I keep telling myself, maybe it’s my wrong that I didn’t pursue for people to pay me back, then they think I do not mind. I do! Tapi macam mana la nak cakap especially when it comes to family? Sebab masa nak pinjam dia boleh tanya kita. Then after a day, weeks, months, years… minta halal kah? Pun tak tanya juga, nak tunggu orang tanya ke?

Should anyone thinks I am such a ‘berkira’ and stingy person for writing this out, then I can say… one still does not know me well. Indeed I am calculative on matter like this because it is a debt own, but I have never raised back or made fuss on any deeds that I've done. What given is totally different than what being owe.

Please, please let us all then respect each other by honoring our debts in a prideful and dignity way. Not by having our neck, hands and feet chained and locked up in a tiny room like a dog. We all know that the ethics of owing money is so simple. WE MUST PAY BACK!
Tak kira la hutang kat orang ke, bank ke, a-long ke, PTPTN ke, MARA ke, hutang kutu ke, credit card providers ke … dan macam-macam Aznil eh, macam-macam lagi.

Disclaimer :
The writer of this entry shall not be withheld responsible for any kesedihan hati or kemurungan jiwa to any person due to the write-up directly or indirectly.

She however, will be so much grateful to debtors should they choose to pay her. She wishes : May we always stay as family and friends.

Mommy sad ? or angry ? or frustrated ? I is not sure.

Friday, July 10, 2009

lil BIG Surprise

Harris was duty for outstation in Penang for almost a week. Bukan jauh pun.. Penang jek.

I thought – Habislah, I would go mad handling stuffs all on my own especially in the morning. I imagined Nada clinging to me while preparing her meals to be brought to the nanny’s, while ironing, while packing her clothes and diapers, while making the bed, she yelling for me while taking my bath…. And a lot more. I imagined my voice would be as loud as her cries for morning teeth brush, getting her to pee........ annoying all of our neighbors.

The idea of having me to drive to work makes my emotional feeling even more drawn down!

Surprisingly, the little drama queen didn’t give me much trouble. Almost every day she was only to wake up when I almost completed the MUST-DO-LIST in the morning. It could also because I improvised the morning MUST-DO-LIST to a much shorter list like taking out ironing, packing etc and completed the chores at night before going to bed. I also skipped sweeping the house floor in the morning as I relied for the sweeping done at night and hope for the same cleanliness. I skipped preparing breakfast for myself and had it at the office food court instead.

Lil Dew also didn’t give me tough time in the evenings. She had been very co-operative right from the moment I fetched her until bedtime. No rejection to even gosok gigi ! (Ini paling susah ni…ada mood punya). I was happy for apart of able to complete the house chores in a speedy time (not being disturbed) I could watch Prison Break, Desperate Housewife, CSI at the peace of mind as she was already sleeping by 9.30pm.

Bonus : I watched Recap MJ – Memorial Service at Staples Center on E! too. R.I.P Jacko. :( My warmest hug to Paris Jackson.

What’s the lil BIG surprise, then? Hmm… it seems I handled all these normal stuff to most of us quite well even though single handedly, but being used to collaborate with Harris…. it is definitely so-so-so much easier to have him around. There is no written description which chores belong to whom but we have been gracing it well. He does his part and I do mine.

The few days that Harris was not home prompted me for a small surprise moment for him as appreciation of how much he is so wanted at home. (of course not only for the chores la…….)
Nothing so fanciful, I bought a cake at Secret Recipe and request for a write up on top of the cake.

I was wondering where should I place the cake? In the fridge? Uh…. Not so umph! I decided to reposition our shoes cabinet facing directly the house main door. This would definitely make a surprise because the circulation would almost be blocked.
Made sure top of the cabinet was clean and dressed it with a table cloth, cake plate and cake! So is once he open the door…. TADAAA!!!! Nice, yummy cake to greet him. More importantly, what’s written on the cake.

The problem was, I do not know what time he’d reach home and I couldn’t just leave the cake on the cabinet. I didn’t want to ask him what time he’d reach home too, feared for he suspecting me. The usual time he’d be home after each of Penang trip was about 11plus pm.

I set the place prepared without the cake (which was still in the fridge) and by 10pm switched the house lights off except for two bulbs. One at the main entrance circulation right above the prepared cabinet and the other by the bedrooms like the norm we do every time before going to bed.

I was preparing scrambled boiled eggs for next day breakfast when I heard the clicking sound of him unlocking the grill door, I peeped trough beneath door assuring it was him, dashed to the fridge, took out the cake, put it on the cake plate, switched off the kitchen light and tiptoed hurriedly to the bedroom.

Harris being himself, always a cool person – I heard him opened the door but not a single sound came out of himself. If it’s me… I would be shouting my lungs out. (.. and I call my daughter drama queen?). I just stayed in the bedroom and noticed him walking to and fro, don’t know what was he doing. I took a peep – oh! Rupanya dia ambik gambar….

x-cuse the photo - blakang cabinet pulak

I noticed his steps coming in while I acted sleeping. The next thing I know, he slowly came to me with ear to ear grin saying : Thank You and a peck on my cheek after that bringing meaning, – I miss you too.
Awwwww, how sweet. Cute, eh! (I so can see some people smiling while reading - or maybe I am the one smiling while writing…. He he)

Ok Folks : TAMAT – TAMAT, that was the lil BIG surprise. We then apa lagi….. belasah makan kek le malam-malam buta pun. Dah tak kira kalori lagi.

Ya, I know… I know… whomever that marries me is such a lucky lad!

……………. Not so pretty on the outside but superbly gorgeous in the inside. Smart and creative. Ini namanya : boasting to boost up self confidence.
All of us need it every now and then. So start boasting, people.

It was part choc mud and part cheeze choc cakes. Yumm…
(Yup miss lavender, Kalau kat Kuala ader Secret Recipe…. pergilah beli, nampak macam telan air liur dah tu!)