Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Ramadhan eid Mubarak is soon coming. This means … cepat-cepat ! kena ganti puasa, for me lah. I am not telling it’s you. I had my fast yesterday and it gave me the similar psychology and physical effect I felt many times fasting.

In the morning I got a bit beleaguered because I couldn’t do the most loved thing to do in the morning, i.e to take breakfast. Should there be standard three times meals a day, I love breakfast the most. I can skip lunch & dinner, but not breakfast. My face go sour if I reach office in the morning with my stomach not being filled. Toast bread with butter spread (melted), toast sandwiches, roti canai, nasi lemak, nasi goreng, nasi dagang, nasi belauk Mok wok /JJ (ni ghaso nok balik kelate lagi nih)… whatever, coupled with good coffee in the morning will bring shine to my face.

Once morning passed, the stressed feeling gradually evaporated and by noon I was just fine with fasting until afternoon. As the day going to late afternoon and nearing breaking fast time, I’d feel a bit more energetic. May be due to psychology move that “breaking fast is soon in time”.

I was able to leave office rather early yesterday that we could made it to a newly operated restaurant at Ampang Water Front about 25 minutes before Azan Maghrib after fetching Nada. The ordered dishes were served to us just at the right instance for Buka Puasa.

After breaking fast I felt even more energetic and enthusiastic. I realized this always happened if I simplify my breaking fast food intake. Benarlah kata junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w – Berhenti makan sebelum kenyang. I did finish up my meal which was curry noodle served in a perfect portion for me (not too much – not too little) and a cup of white coffee. Cukup – don’t go more than these or I’ll end up like a python after a kambing feast. I have no scientific evidence to back up of instantaneous energy boost. May be after a full day of relaxation, the digestive system started to gear up and the amount to churn is appropriately taken not burdening the engine.

We reached home and were able to Solat Maghrib berjemaah because the Little Dew was asleep continuing the sleep she had in her Recaro. Again, the happy feeling I felt. We hardly have the chance for jemaah particularly after Nada was born. It’s been a while since our last. Usually we take turns, as one of us has to put an eye on her fear for any of her dangerous act. No – I do not blame Nada for it, more likely “kami yang alpa” not trying hard enough to make time or plan our schedules right for ‘tujuh kali ganda pahala’.

Last night, after close to two years that we moved from Seremban and residing in the current apartment in Ampang that I decided to take a swim at the provided swimming pool. All because I felt I have the energy for it. Then, I thought – alah, I don’t have proper attire for the swim. Anyways, I just scouted thru my dresser drawer and found my size 32, 7 year old Arena tough suit. Mesti dah tak muat, tapi try jugak sarung. And heck ! I can still fit in! Wah – I was even more happy even though I can see the bulge out of tummy part. More sit-ups, please!

I was so ready to plunge into the pool that I also put my swimming cap on. Harris pesan – You make sure do your stretching before swimming or you’ll get cramped. Dalam hati, I said - Ah! I know that. I was a more sports cookie than you are! – che….. berlagak

I am never a good swimmer, sikit-sikit boleh la. After soooooooo long, I was excited last nite that I can still back float and savoring the beauty of night sky. Jaaauuuuuuhhhhhhh, nampak bintang kecik sangat and it was a beautiful star. The light bleeped occasionally. Unexpectedly, no other resident was at the swimming pool last night except for me, it made me assumed that the pool is my private pool and the apartment blocks belong to me. One rich lady swimming here, okay…. Pergh, seronok angan-angan MAK jenin ni….

Half hour of swimming, more of it – berendam…. I knew it was enough for me. Upon having my neck, shoulder, arms, legs and lungs worked in a rhythmic manner of few laps of butterfly strokes, I definitely felt the freshness.

The saga continued with warm bath back at home, I decided to pamper myself with self made tomato and cucumber mask. I diligently applied the 3 musts for facial treats of many people – wash, toner & moisturize. He, he – usually I left out the last two or only do the first two or kadang-kadang langsung takder. Ye, ye, Ms Amber Chia says – no such thing as ugly women only is lazy women. Me lor.

It was close to 10pm after I done with self attention. I rushed like mad with the usual house chores, washing Nada’s bottles and food containers, sterilizing, sweeping, folding washed laundry after ‘weekend balik kampung’, home filing etc. Having all the boring stuffs done, I still had my physical and emotional feeling rejuvenated. Mungkin itulah nikmat berpuasa.

So last nite, even though I skipped to watch my favorite documentary – Air Crash Investigation on NatGeo… I didn’t do the same for Desperate Housewives aired at 10.30pm (Itu la pasal… I was rushing like nobody’s business, to watch tv!).

Suspen nya… Mike Delfino kahwin dengan sapa la pulak ni? My guess is Katherine.

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