Friday, July 10, 2009

lil BIG Surprise

Harris was duty for outstation in Penang for almost a week. Bukan jauh pun.. Penang jek.

I thought – Habislah, I would go mad handling stuffs all on my own especially in the morning. I imagined Nada clinging to me while preparing her meals to be brought to the nanny’s, while ironing, while packing her clothes and diapers, while making the bed, she yelling for me while taking my bath…. And a lot more. I imagined my voice would be as loud as her cries for morning teeth brush, getting her to pee........ annoying all of our neighbors.

The idea of having me to drive to work makes my emotional feeling even more drawn down!

Surprisingly, the little drama queen didn’t give me much trouble. Almost every day she was only to wake up when I almost completed the MUST-DO-LIST in the morning. It could also because I improvised the morning MUST-DO-LIST to a much shorter list like taking out ironing, packing etc and completed the chores at night before going to bed. I also skipped sweeping the house floor in the morning as I relied for the sweeping done at night and hope for the same cleanliness. I skipped preparing breakfast for myself and had it at the office food court instead.

Lil Dew also didn’t give me tough time in the evenings. She had been very co-operative right from the moment I fetched her until bedtime. No rejection to even gosok gigi ! (Ini paling susah ni…ada mood punya). I was happy for apart of able to complete the house chores in a speedy time (not being disturbed) I could watch Prison Break, Desperate Housewife, CSI at the peace of mind as she was already sleeping by 9.30pm.

Bonus : I watched Recap MJ – Memorial Service at Staples Center on E! too. R.I.P Jacko. :( My warmest hug to Paris Jackson.

What’s the lil BIG surprise, then? Hmm… it seems I handled all these normal stuff to most of us quite well even though single handedly, but being used to collaborate with Harris…. it is definitely so-so-so much easier to have him around. There is no written description which chores belong to whom but we have been gracing it well. He does his part and I do mine.

The few days that Harris was not home prompted me for a small surprise moment for him as appreciation of how much he is so wanted at home. (of course not only for the chores la…….)
Nothing so fanciful, I bought a cake at Secret Recipe and request for a write up on top of the cake.

I was wondering where should I place the cake? In the fridge? Uh…. Not so umph! I decided to reposition our shoes cabinet facing directly the house main door. This would definitely make a surprise because the circulation would almost be blocked.
Made sure top of the cabinet was clean and dressed it with a table cloth, cake plate and cake! So is once he open the door…. TADAAA!!!! Nice, yummy cake to greet him. More importantly, what’s written on the cake.

The problem was, I do not know what time he’d reach home and I couldn’t just leave the cake on the cabinet. I didn’t want to ask him what time he’d reach home too, feared for he suspecting me. The usual time he’d be home after each of Penang trip was about 11plus pm.

I set the place prepared without the cake (which was still in the fridge) and by 10pm switched the house lights off except for two bulbs. One at the main entrance circulation right above the prepared cabinet and the other by the bedrooms like the norm we do every time before going to bed.

I was preparing scrambled boiled eggs for next day breakfast when I heard the clicking sound of him unlocking the grill door, I peeped trough beneath door assuring it was him, dashed to the fridge, took out the cake, put it on the cake plate, switched off the kitchen light and tiptoed hurriedly to the bedroom.

Harris being himself, always a cool person – I heard him opened the door but not a single sound came out of himself. If it’s me… I would be shouting my lungs out. (.. and I call my daughter drama queen?). I just stayed in the bedroom and noticed him walking to and fro, don’t know what was he doing. I took a peep – oh! Rupanya dia ambik gambar….

x-cuse the photo - blakang cabinet pulak

I noticed his steps coming in while I acted sleeping. The next thing I know, he slowly came to me with ear to ear grin saying : Thank You and a peck on my cheek after that bringing meaning, – I miss you too.
Awwwww, how sweet. Cute, eh! (I so can see some people smiling while reading - or maybe I am the one smiling while writing…. He he)

Ok Folks : TAMAT – TAMAT, that was the lil BIG surprise. We then apa lagi….. belasah makan kek le malam-malam buta pun. Dah tak kira kalori lagi.

Ya, I know… I know… whomever that marries me is such a lucky lad!

……………. Not so pretty on the outside but superbly gorgeous in the inside. Smart and creative. Ini namanya : boasting to boost up self confidence.
All of us need it every now and then. So start boasting, people.

It was part choc mud and part cheeze choc cakes. Yumm…
(Yup miss lavender, Kalau kat Kuala ader Secret Recipe…. pergilah beli, nampak macam telan air liur dah tu!)


ubisetela said...

eh, boleh habis whole cake ke?

MsLavender said...

Kat kuale hanya ada ikan keli..keli bakar..keli goreng..keli bercili..dan keli lain-lain lg..harap maklum..hehehe...

toughcookie said...

mario, seriously i had cravings for secret recipe cakes since last weekend! nak beli tapi takut gumuks ahaks...

i like this entry. tak kisah la nak boast ke.. janji you and your husband tau how lucky and blessed you both are as a team :)

whm6840 said...

cik ubi,
The inspiration for this was also contributed by ke-TAMAK-an for the cake.
Selalunya beli one slice and share, so tak cukup. But then, that nite… after two slices, we were already ‘high’ of chocs! And now after a week, still a quarter left in the fridge.

Bunga lavender ungu yang indah,
Sayang sungguh keli tak boleh buat kek!

Me eating the cake with no regards to the calories at all but full of guilt inside! He.. he, walau bagaimana pun... tak boleh tahan.

Yelah, if it's not us to value our own relationship who else then would do for us kan.