Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Secretary Memory

I took this one quiz on FB titled What type of memory do you have and I got the answer as Secretary Memory. Apparently according to the quiz, I tend to memorize things into minor details and in fact I am a walking notebook myself. Fuh, sounds scary when it mentioned of worries for my brain for remembering too many things.

There is a question within the quiz asking if I could notice should anyone touched my work place during my absence. This is such a funny score, because it happens to me all the time. If I reach office looking at my place knowing somebody had mess it around, I’ll go screaming asking.... because I definitely know how it looks before I leave the place. Not really on how it looks but I know I wouldn’t mix up things. I always tell my collegues, I really do not mind who ever wants to use the files at my place or my personal reference books or notes or guidelines or authorities checklists or whatever but, please put it back to the right place. It is not only for my own convenience but for everybody else. Somehow, I don’t understand why is it so difficult for many people to follow such a simple instruction. It is just like library, for god sake.
At home, Harris already got the habit to abide by my ‘rules’. At times he tested me like, Sayang.. where is the June edition of MA (Majalah Arkitek). Without even looking at the shelves, I could tell him, top most shelf, 6th from the left after all the Architectural books. Again, Not so much I can remember where it is, but the ‘system’ is there, I placed the MA (only MA) after books on the same shelf. It’s the sixth because June is the sixth month. Not very difficult.

Another question asked what do I remember about books I have read. Usually, for those I like.. memang I can remember the phrases well and I can visualize the scene. So is with movies or dramas that I like. I love Grey’s Anatomy series and tend to watch for the re-run : because I love it. So, for re-run… I’d blabber to Harris the lines, as if I am acting. Same to movies, I love.. I love.. I love Braveheart, The Patriot, Knight’s Tale .. epics basically. If there’s any re-run, I always say the lines before it is said and trying to imitate the accent – Harris laugh at me. Because I can remember it well. Not that I want.. but it just happens. There was a re-run of John-Q movie on TV2 the last two Saturdays (see, I remember when it was) and I like this movie starred by Denzel Washington much. It was about a father who was fighting so hard for his son’s heart surgery and in the desperate action, he took over a hospital in ransom to his son’s operation. Cool, huh! There are many scenes in the movie that I like especially when Denzel Washington is mad-angry and when he is of a true man consoling his deteriorating son. Wah… I then ‘acted’ his lines… Harris said – You are one kind of a person. Not like I just watched the movie, I guess it was years ago. It is parked in my subconscious mind la, I think. I got inherited with the scenes, I shed tears macam la I was watching it for the first time! He he.

*Sekadar gambar hiasan

Me being an architect, in-fact an only architect in the office besides the principal - one may know how many projects I am handling. If not all, most la kan. But I am not proud of the numbers of the project I handle. It is just a number and it means nothing if I can’t handle it well. In a project development, there are certain datas that an architect should know. It’s like a rule a thumb, you know it by heart. I do not know how, but I can remember most of the datas without referring to any drawings or documents. Like land size, plot ratio, density, numbers of units, numbers of carparks, built-up area, unit types and many-many more for most projects, especially big ones that carries big fees ler. I have clients to call me just to ask on the local authority file number! And I remember.

Now I could understand why every time I wanted to buy those electronic gadgets to help me in organizing, keeping datas, planning and stuffs, I thought… eh, I am not that of a very busy woman and I don’t really need such gadget. So, selalu tak jadi.

For the truth of the matter, I realize now… I am busy, it’s just that I am still capable to plan, organize, store datas inside my own head up till now! Without the help of electronic devices yet. That means I still do not need those high tech gadget like blackberry la, PDA la, palm la.. or even classy hand phones yet.
Oh! may be the help to store phone numbers. So, if only phone numbers, I don’t need the so hi-tech phones. My current phone is just fine.
Not like many youngsters nowadays, whom just finish school or not even finish school yet, pester their parents for ‘good’- expensive hand phone. Low memory? Opps jangan terasa, anyone. A not need to me is not necessarily not need to anyone else, I believe.

I thought I should chill in remembering things fear for my brain getting ‘overheated’. But then again, ahhhh, it’s just a quiz for play-play. Babes… not like a second hand car when people prefer to buy the not much used one, in contradiction, i don't think god want us to bring back the not much used brain….. :)
Why worry then? My brain is not going to explode just because I am able to memorize minute details. Till then, I am grateful to Allah s.w.t for selecting me, one of His humbly to be granted with such a great gift, though.. Ia hanyalah pinjaman semata. I really hope I’ll always be able to make full use of it and not to waste any bit or to be used in an unwanted way. Alhamdulillah.


Kerabu Jantung said...

Auntie masih ingat plan jalan ke rumah Che' Ra masa you buat family gathering dulu, uncle kata plan tu betul-betul tepat panjang pendek ,lengkang lengkok --we were so amazed by it. Comel pulak tu and its hand drawn!

Ya, anugerah Allah yang tidak ternilai that photograpic mind of yours!

whm6840 said...

Hmm the plan - good right? he he

That's why i didn't receive any calls from the invited guest w cards, trying to locate the house.

Semua alhamdulillah sampai dengan selamat even though the place is so remote.