Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Choices We Have

That morning I woke up from my sleep as usual but mommy did not send me to Aunty Ani’s house. I don’t know why sometimes mommy sends me and there are also days, I just stay home with both mommy and daddy around. After mommy brushed my teeth and freshen me up, she gave me a handful of cornflakes in my bowl. So I just sit and snacked while watching Mommy sweeping and vacuuming the house. I hate and so scare of vacuum cleaner. I don’t like the sound too – I think it’s gonna suck my feet.

Mommy asked Daddy to bathe me while she did the cooking and also prepared my breakfast. Daddy then, put my diaper and clothes on, I heard mommy saying something about Bukit Jalil house and going to Sunway. We had breakfast together, but Mommy and Daddy’s dish was different from mine. I ate some honey baked crackers with mango puree and both of them – I think it’s fried rice. I think only, ok. Mommy didn’t let me try even though I asked for some. Well, I was practically yelling, still she didn’t give in to my request. Mommy is very tough to beat.

I put my shoes on… actually Daddy helped me. We make our way to the car and Mommy put me in my orange carrier seat. After a while, we were already moving. Hmmm, Mommy asked me to take the morning nap. I don’t want to make any fuss so I just slept on my own. I was awaken a few times when the car was not moving, I saw Daddy went out to see some people unfamiliar to me. Mommy said to Daddy to make sure every page of the Bukit Jalil House Defect Checklist is to be stamped received by the developer. What does that mean? I don’t understand quite much.

I continued my sleep and only to be woken up by Mommy so much later on. Daddy parked our car in front of a shop with a “RECARO” big sign. Eh – I know how to read? A lady greeted us at the front door. She seems to know Mommy’s name. How did she know?

There were so many car seats inside the shop. Big ones and small ones. Mommy and Daddy talked to the lady and also a man while I played around. They talked and talked and talked. Daddy said grey-blue and Mommy said grey-pink.

Daddy asked me to sit on the grey-blue car seat
There were other colors too
I chose grey-pink!

*Nada, give Mommy the laptop, baby*

Oh readers, excuse my daughter. Since she started talking (in her own lingo – of cause) … it is like non-stop. Now, she wants to write too! .. AND LOOK AT THAT.

She is one drama queen - I think she wants to be an actress but her dad won’t let her. He prefers his daughter to be a professional golf player! He… he…

I finally made up my mind on the car seat selection. A little effort of research, I managed to contact the Recaro licensed sole supplier in Sunway and made the call just to check if they have the car seat model that I wanted – Recaro Convertible Signo. Tips – must always go direct to the boss and you’ll get better service, I guess.
Apparently, at the time when I made the call, they did not have the said model in their show room. But the shipment from US had arrived in Port Klang pending clearance from Custom Department to be discharged. They were expecting the goods to be available in the showroom in two days time that he said would make the call to me upon its availability. And yes, the boss called me after two days. Alah – nak buat bisnes, biasala…..

We visited the showroom and purchased the car seat just last Saturday and I am very content with it for now. Nada seems to enjoy every ride in her new car seat. Since I went straight to the license supplier and with a little bit of wit and charm, I was granted a small discount and a small gift that I am pleased with. We were also able to choose from all four choices of seat design cover provided by Recaro at one go. This can’t really happen if we go to the distribution department stores because they usually get the seats from supplier in limited numbers. Most will only get one unit or maximum two units. So, we didn’t get chance to choose the colors.

Like what my dotter said, Harris preferred the grey-blue design but I wanted grey-pink instead. Actually, it’s not even an issue because at the end of the day…. surely my selection would be opted. Hey…. Hey…. That doesn’t mean Harris’s opinion doesn’t count. He made way for me only, having a satisfied wife will make his life so much easier! He he…..
Harris was saying if we choose grey-pink, the car seat then only suits Nada being a girl. It might not be so appropriate for the next to come (if any)… should ‘it’ be a boy. Its like everything is for Nada. Aiyak! Don’t la like that. Thinking of next to come? Oh well, for now, I am buying for Nada and of course she’s the focus now.

Should I am blessed with the next, don’t worry…. I already have the list of things I want to do and also new baby products that I want to have.

Want to do :
1. I want to be committed in exclusive breastfeeding, at least for a much longer period than what Nada enjoyed. I know my nature of work won’t have any mercy nor give me any justice towards the flexibility preferred for breastfeeding. But I want to try my best. I want to be mentally prepared and able to brace the difficulties being a working mom and also exclusively breastfeeding. If I need to attend lactation seminar – I will. If I need to invest in quality breastfeeding equipments – I will.

2. I want to stay away from ready cereals. If Nada depended on baby cereal for close to two months, in her 7th plus month, no ready cereal will be opted for the next. I will stick to homemade frozen purees. No excuse.

3. I want to store stem cells from umbilical cord for rainy days. If I think too much in opting it for Nada – it’s certain for the next.

4. I want to go through labor with no pain killer drugs at all. No Pitocin No Pethadine. God! This must be the most difficult thing for me to do. Really don’t know if I can or cannot. I envy those people whom are ‘strong’ and can. If I succeed, I am gonna treat myself a good lamb chop at Victoria Station after the confinement. He…. He….
…….. my cousin dare to visit me in the labor room and told –“ Tak pe Kak Yanti, masa ni je sakit… nanti baby keluar …. Sakit semua hilang….” Aduh… baby popped out and my body still ached for daysssssss.

Want to have :
1. The Bumbo babysitter seat – I noticed the good results benefited to my friend’s lovely baby girl for using the seat. She was able to sit unaided as early as five months old. Am not so eager for babies being able to sit as young as that age but it’s the posture when she sits that I am going for. She sits so beautifully with her back sit up straight, not even a slight slouch.
2. Deluxe Changing Mattress by Mamas & Papas – it’s soft and beautiful : I like.
3. Sleeping bag by Grobag – if my baby moves around in the sleep, the blanket is still intact.
4. Cotton Swaddler by The First Years or Kiddopotamus – I don’t want to use baby napkin only.
5. Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support for the carrier seat by Kiddopotamus – it looks so comfortable. Then I don’t have to lapik with baby napkin.
6. Meal Time Bib by Combi – the combination of cotton (lining with plastic) and plastic foodie catch is good that I can fold it into the travel bag. Very convenient.
7. ………….. This one not so sure, but if I can afford I want to have a new baby cot by Mamas and Papas! Complete with sea life theme bedding set. Dang – it’s so expensive.
… and my list can go on and on and on and on…..

See, This 2.5’ x 4’ Sweet Cherry baby cot is already quite cramped when Nada is only 14months. The length is okay but not the width, somehow babies grow sideways too!

So, no doubt. All my children will enjoy equal love and equal comfort the much that I can afford. Isn’t that what mothers are for?

sigh …. Even with discounts, the car seat really cost me some cool RM. And if my mami know about it, she’s NOT gonna say much….. but at a different time she’ll urge me – “Beli gak adik baghe mah…. Oghe tengok gak tak doook ‘ma-ka gapo” – means : Please buy some gold jewelry… people see you then not wearing anything.
For majority of Kelantanese people, if you don’t have gold jewelry on you, it’s like you are naked and you are so incapable. It’s no good for your image. True? – I don’t know.

Wahai mami, I can’t change these people mind set that may be have already existed ever since Tanah Sekebun Bunga existed. They may say what they like lah ! I don’t give a shit. – Currently – don’t have the pleasure in gold stuffs yet and it is SO NOT ME to do things because of what other people may think. My way is for my own satisfaction and for my own good – not for show to others. This is where Yanti is stubborn and hard headed. Sorry mami.

I am happy if my little dew is happy. (didn’t I tell yal Nada in Arabic means Dew…. Her Nenek calls her Cik Embun)


mentibang.paku said...

sis, kalau nak beli barang direct dari UK, i dah ada kaki kat sana..bgtau je la nnt ye...

shiau chen said...

I fully support you on your #4 Want to do list. I had my both babies without any pain relief. We all ex-hockey players, right?? Sure can tahan sakit one. You can read up on Bradley, Lamaze or Hypnobirthing for some pain management techniques.

whm6840 said...

cik mentibang,
roger.. tapi kaki tu tak kisah ke.

miss fong aka mrs deng,
yup.. aiming for that. I know you had no drugs at all from ur detailed description popping out baby Hahn. Caya lu lah... not even Etonox.
Me, i know am ex-hockey player, but.... fuh! Must master the techniques, I guess. Thanks