Friday, June 12, 2009

One fine Day

I hate it most when I need to drive to work, not only to work la… anywhere. Driving is just not my cup of tea. It is a tiring task for me. I always say … if I am rich enuf I would definitely hire a driver for myself over having a gardener!

Having to drive, I would rather sit and relax at the passenger seat or be a sleeping co-pilot or do reading during travels. Tak… me not get pening to read in a moving vehicle. Now, I have “great” time even at the back seat with Nada. Ya, could be great when she behave and be a nice gal, but at the occasions when she is cranky….. hmmmm, that’s when Mommy’s fierce face come about. Well, mostly she has been very co-operative and obedient. Shouldn’t complain much.

On any event, I can’t avoid but to drive when I need to. Many of them, when Harris is out station… which is at average of one-two days frequency a week or both of us are having meetings outside the office and we got to drive separate cars. What to do…

It was an all day meetings for me yesterday, from morning until afternoon.
The good thing was that the fourth and last meeting ended at around 5pm. I really didn’t feel like going back to office to finish up the final working hour even though the place of the meeting is not far from office. Would I have driven back to office, it took about 20mins, find a car parking space - another 10mins and the walk from my car inclusive of catching the lift up would be another 15mins. All in 45mins…. Just left with 15mins for the working hour to end. Furthermore, would I be in the office with that time left, I surely be sitting longer trying to tie whatever loose ends left for the day and ended up only leaving the office close to 8pm.
So, don’t want lah, I decided to call my boss after the last meeting and told him – “Boss! I am not coming back to office. I want to go home now.” He was okay yesterday for letting me go. Urrrr, ya there are moments when he would say, “ Yanti, I need to see you in the office urgently.” Hmmm, again what to do. Don’t want this kind of crap… be own boss ler…. Ya… ya… working towards it.

Many times, they are bad days for me when I have to drive and having whole day meetingsssssssss. Some how yesterday was just a fine day. I went straight to fetch Nada at her Nanny’s after the call and felt so good that I could see her smiling face seeing me when the sun is still ‘smiling’ (though being blurred by the haze), not like the usual when dusk has already taken over.

Me then, drove back to Ampang Utama area to fetch Harris. I believe the drive was smooth as heavy traffic yet to occur. It only took me half hour for the tour from Ampang Hilir to Bukit Indah and back to Ampang Utama. So I waited the other half hour before Harris could join us with my lovely girl asleep at the back of our car on her own. She – good, huh!

As soon as Daddy open the car door…. Nada’s sleeping eyes went …. Keting! Terbuka terus. Greeting dad with her best smile. See…. why the title of this entry as “One fine day”? (Hmm, I remember a movie title the same. Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney - She was an architect too in the movie).
Such a simple gesture from an innocent “creature” brings so much delight to us.

The day was still relatively early, we decided for dinner at Secret Recipe. What more could be better to do than to spice up the readily contend feeling with a nice family dinner. The chocolate cheese cake after main course conclude it all. Yummmm.

Even let Nada had the taste of the cake!… Opps, tak boley banyak. Not sugar free.

I know what I went thru yesterday could be ‘nothing’ so fanciful to many people. But for a working mom like me, I wish I could do it more often, especially to fetch my girl before the street lights are on. Able to sit and have a nice chat with my other half over a good dinner - not in a rush, reach home and I still have hours to chill, watch News, entertain Nada dancing and complete my house chores satisfactorily before my day eventually end, as in hitting the bed after a good warm bath!

Ahhhhh…. TGIF !

Yeay !!!! Happy times


toughcookie said...

i truly love this post... can feel your love, excitement and passion all in one entry.

take care, mario... truly admire your strength and patience. after all, what ever that you're doing ni pun is for a better future for your loved ones. *hugs*

whm6840 said...

one wise cookie once told me,

to write sincerely from the heart... and it surely gives pleasure to read.

Kerabu Jantung said...

Tengok muka anak hilang penat seharian bekerja!