Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is it about a car seat?

any resemblance?
It had been an intense search of a car seat for the few last weekends and all I want is …. To go to the US or UK and buy one…. Emmmm, since UK Safety Standards for car seats is higher… I choose UK then. …he he, I wish!

awwww... isn't she adorable?

Long legs?….Ah, How I hope my daughter will get it from her dad… Tinggi lah.....

It was quiet mind stressing when I was not able to get what I want. Further more, dealing with the sales promoter whom doesn’t really know about the product made me agitated. It was good explanation from promoters at specialized baby products stores like among the many - Mother Care, Mamours, Safe N Sound.. but can’t say the same for those at malls even if they are stationed at the baby products section – particularly strollers, carriers and car seats.

…. One told me, the seat can’t be recline when I could see the recline lever clearly. What the shit is she talking?

…. Other one tried to demo to me how to raise the headrest by pulling the lever so hard when the big word shown at the lever as “ROTATE” !. I’d go…. “Dik… jangan tarik… rotate, rotate, pusing, pusing…!”

…. Next to other one was pushing the back rest for a recline position when I realized the mechanism is actually by pulling the lever and raising the seat itself making it tilted backwards.
Instead of her showing me, I showed her how to do.

…. Two guys were in so much difficulty to show me how the back rest of a seat can be extended. I don’t believe it could be that difficult. Then I’d go…. “Dik… mana akak tengok manual… Hmm, losen up the strap, one hand press button and pull…..” Aiyyyyooooooo. That easy?

Tell what, after I complete my buying of a car seat…. I bet I can be a personal car seat selection advisor to anyone whom intent to buy. Just let me know your desired criteria and budget. *Sigh*

There is a very wide selection of car seats here even in Malaysia, but not many models actually satisfy my criteria. I can summarize that most car seats available in the market are divided into 3 categories, i.e
1. the infant car seat cum the carrier for newborn up to 20lb (9kg),
2. the convertibles car seats for toddlers from 20lb (9kg) to 40lb (18kg) or from newborn to 18kg
3. the boosters car seats for toddler and children up to 80lb (36kg) or maybe up to 100lb.

I’ve been eyeing a Maxi-Cosi model which I thought would satisfy me, but NO it didn’t. I want :
a. A convertible type of car seat that can take up to 36kg weight. Since I already have an infant carrier for newborn that comes in the travel system of Nada’s Peg-P stroller, it need not necessarily to cater newborn needs.
b. Of course passed all the Safety Standards requirement
c. At least 3 reclining position able to be adjusted with a single lever handle preferably at max 45deg, so if my girl is sleeping, her head doesn’t pop out.
d. EPS foam padded
e. Able to be installed both rear and forward facing
f. No threading for strap adjustment
g. Removable covers preferably for machine wash
h. …. Cantik !…..

So far, I am only served with 5 models that I can choose from but all are with their own flaws :
1. The GRACO – Nautilus 1-2-3 Convertible.
Flaw – The back reclining is too little and Not for rear facing installation.

2. The FIRST YEARS – True Fit Convertible.
Flaw – Reclining to be adjusted by flipping the base at below the seat. Meaning : car must be at stop. No child is sitting inside, unbuckle the whole installation, raise the seat and flip the base, buckle back. Too much hassle.

3. The SAFETY FIRST – All in One Convertible
Flaw – The overall design doesn’t look neat (... it's actually Harris's opinion and I do agree)

4. The COMBI – I can’t remember model name
Flaw – Too bulky… too big for our Sedan. (Unless, we change our old Sentra to a 5 series maybe . Kah! Kah! Kah!)

5. The RECARO – Signo Convertible
Both Harris and I fall for this one. It has all I want, clean design, seaming is neat and compact too. But the biggest flaw of all – The price almost doubled my budget ! Ghee, in fact it cost almost another of Nada’s travel system stroller. Ouch.. not ready to spend that much.

I know I’ve got to sacrifice either the wanted criteria or my Ringgit. Can’t get both at the please of myself. Urgh! Haven’t decided which one yet. At first, I thought my expectation of a car seat is too much, but after googling websites….. it is not at all of an issue. There are so many choices that fit the criteria with various design cover selection. And the price is so much cheaper too even with the relative conversion to RM. Should I fly to UK and get one?

Somehow, I’ve got to decide. Nada has outgrown her carrier for more than an inch (when it is advised to change baby carrier car seat before an infant top head is an inch to reach top of seat) and she also refuse to be in the recline position all the time. Dah besar! Nak tengok keluar tingkap la pulak…… she said.

Mommy singing… Money, money ! …. Mana nak carey?

She was so little then

Ini namanya memikirkan masalah dunia sambil tido...

She and her unique habit while drinking – main kening!!!
want some? I cannot finish


toughcookie said...

you are so right la about car seat. maxi cosi kan ada type yang can rotate sama ada nak face front or can even face you... senang kalau nak bagi makan dalam kereta can see your baby. unfortunately, they didn't have the colour that i wanted hehe.

choices are abundant and memang much cheaper there in US and UK because it is compulsory to use child seat. kat mesia ni entah la... anakku pun mahal ya amat and the cheaper ones look so flimsy. jada's britax yang i bought tu lepas convert baru about RM600. another parent yang travel balik sama ngan kitorang haritu pun bawak balik one car seat.

ala... sayang tak kirim haritu... otherwise, campur delivery cost pun still cheaper than buying it here.

good luck ya with your selection...

whm6840 said...

…. How relief to knowing somebody understands my gelora di jiwa. U got the Britax just at the right time for Jada. Dah la cantik.

Memang mahal la car seats kat sini. Recaro that I like baru separuh harga in UK after convert. Itu belum lagi kalau rajin survey for kedai2 yang ada sales or discounts. And if beli on-line, mesti dapat lagi murah. How lucky those parents at the other part of the world when it comes to baby products. More importantly, it benefits the baby at most. Diorang baru spend GBP 100, dah dapat good seats. Kalau kita… RM 100, belum dapat any seat lagi.

Ni yang buat I nak tulis surat kat Menteri nih, …. Propose NO taxation for necessity baby product.

Bila la u nak pergi London lagi…. He he.

toughcookie said...

london lagi?? hehe... i dah kehabisan ongkos... kerja kuat duit habis gitu aje.

lain kali when my hubby pergi lagi, nanti i suruh dia tolong cari. ala... tapi tak tau bila lagi la.

that's a good idea kan tulis kat gomen kita. tapi diorang tu pun jaga bontot sendiri aje... banyak lagi issues yang tak termanage.

eh sawiah ada kat cardiff apa... dia selalu balik mesia. try la tanya if she can help. takyah suruh dia bawak balik... setakat you beli online with your credit card, deliver to her home address and suruh dia hantar by DHL kat sini. still murah. cuba la.