Friday, May 31, 2013

RM 20.00 Curtain for our Guest Room

I did make a declaration that sewing curtain for me, is nothing easy. However, because 'I do take sewing challenges seriously'.... I did sew another curtain for our home.

It's now nicely hanged in the guest room.
I know, the photo is bit blurry... but I'm just lazy to snap more.

Again, I bought the fabric during our trip to Japan at a shop called TOMATO. It was on price reduction which only cost RM4.00 per meter. Dirt cheap I would say considering the quality and thickness of the fabric. I didn't really know what I would end up with when I bought all the fabrics. For this one it was only 4 meters or so. Hence, I didn't have enough for the conventional curtain which the curtain tape is sew on one side of the fabric and gathers are formed once we slot in the curtain hangers. Y'know what I mean.

Instead, I took the pain staking step to create the pleats before sewing the curtain tape. In this way, I would be able to dictate the required length to suit my window size. I consider it as pain staking as I did try hard to get the match print due to repetitive print design of the fabric.
For more little detail, I capped the curtain top with bias in cream that I made from selvages cut out from the fabric.
Having done with two sets of curtains for our home, I now am looking at the main sliding door at our living room.
 She sure needs a new set, doesn't she?

For now, she is dressed with an unappropriate size curtain which need to be clipped together, so it will close!
I already have in mind the fabric that I'd love to have, however, it's quite steep in price... so that will have to wait. Hopefully.... I'll get it done someday.
For now, I want to strike out curtain from my list first.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Interpreting a 5 year old design

I once read an entry by the preacher’s wife on how she managed to interpret her daughter’s design into a dress. I thought it’s so cool, but never it cross my mind that I would be doing the same until one day Nada came to me with an "awesome" sketch : 
Nada  : “ I want a dress like this. Can you jahit (sew) for me, Mom?”
Mommy : “Huh? What’s this? Can you explain how you want the dress to be?”
Nada : “Owh.. I want many colours. Have red, purple, blue, orange…. Pink!. See, like I draw.”
Mommy : “Hmmm.. that’s good choice of colours. What about the bottom? You want frills?”
Nada : “Ya, just little bit. I don’t want so much. Later, I lemas! (uncomfortable).
And so, this Mommy put on her thinking cap and cracked her head. I think I got it.
We then on one Saturday head to Jalan TAR and I purchased plain cottons mostly only 1 meter each. Slightly frustrated that after I purchased the red, purple blue, pink and green plain cottons at Nagoya with price tag RM 5.50 per meter.. only to find out I could have at Kamdar for RM 2.50 per meter. Chech! Talk about quality, I don’t see much difference. I only bought orange colour cotton at Kamdar! Just hate being in the sort of ‘regret’.
The next day on Sunday, I sew the dress and it turned out to be :





A Colour block dress, Not bad, huh? I was contemplating either to use or not the much love white linen that I bought in Japan for this dress. But then again, would I not use it for my favorite girl ... who else ?

I now can strike out play dress from my list.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Walking slow and deodorant

I had to undergo an emergency surgery last Friday. It sounds frightening, right? Indeed it's frightening. The surgery was to remove a twisted right ovarian cyst and it hurts so much! I'll try to write about it someday.

Since it's been a week since the surgery, I now feel a lot better though I still walk so slow like a slow-lorry. Funny thing, Mok my beloved grandma is at our home now.
Nada said : "There are two people walk so slow now... Tok and Mommy!". ...... Aku cili jugak kang mulut budak nih!

Since I came back from the hospital, I can't walk up the stair to our bedroom. So, Harris took the trouble to bring down the bed downstairs to our multi-purpose room for my usage. I've been sleeping with Mok's company just like during my childhood years.

Apart from the bed, I also asked Harris to bring down my daily stuff. One of the request was, bring down the organizer box, make sure to put inside my comb, baby powder and deodorant.

He did just as that. Only thing was......
the deodorant was not mine! I didn't realize till I wanted to use it, Harris was at work. So, I text him :
It says : "Why do you bring down your deodorant? Mine is white colour. Man... Just use!"
and he replied me :

It says : "Make you stronger.."
Yeah,.. that's my hubby. He also sometimes has loose screw... I love him lots, nonetheless.
Note : Trust me, that's my 'high-tech' phone. See the trouble I had to go through just to get the text into this entry. Every body's laughing at me.!