Tuesday, September 16, 2014


In couple of months, wouldn't I write in this space it just meant ONE year of shear neglect. Hmmm…. I blame Mr FB for that. It has taken all the glory on updates about Nada’s antiques, my past time favorites, our family stories bla-bla-bla. Hehehehe… what a lame excuse. But today, I feel like blabbering.. on random things.
  • Alhamdulillah, I’d don the headscarf on Harris’s 43rd’s birthday last year December,27. O Allah, please guide me.
    Hi-Tea at Hyatt in celebration of our little family only boy's birthday.
  • My beloved grandmother, Mok had a mild stroke early this year. She fell in the bathroom. I was devastated. 

           -         Once got the news, I can say.. almost ALL, ALL of the family members from near                       and far drove, flew, swam (err…) back home to see her. We gathered around her,                       we talked to her, we cried near her.... together. I’m proud of my big family. 
-          She eventually ‘recovered’ but not fully. She now has short term memory which is so not her just a year ago. Sometimes, she remembers my name. Many times she forgets. It breaks my heart every time, for I’m a self proclaimed her favorite grand daughter!
-          Recently, she gave me 16 sets of her baju kurung all nicely paired and folded in plastic wraps. Reason – those kurongs are now too big for her that she has lost weight and in a way shrunk due to ageing. Those kurongs suit me well.. I know, I'm always her favorite grand daughter.
-        Now, at any possible opportunity we have - we will go back home to visit Mok. We here means, my whole big family.
I love these colorful photos of may be just 1/8 of my cousins taken during 2013 Raya at Mami's house. Many times, people tell stories of how close they are with their brothers and sisters. Not many however, can describe their cousins like my family do. 
  • We threw Nada the first birthday party (which actually deserve an entry on it's own) she ever had at Jungle Gym Bangsar. My favourite girl is 6!

 She was excited about the party, she didn't mind at all to make her own invitation card,

helped with the making of goody bags.

  • ·         Nada is soon to start ‘real’ school in 2015. Yikes! Really? She’s gonna be 7? S.e.v.e.n? 
  •         My cousin Ika married in March.
and I was entrusted to make the flower girls dresses. 

  •   Then another cousin, Shasha got married in May. They are same age and both are now preggars. 

I made Nada a special dress to wear for Shasha’s wedding.

  • Ika’s two younger sisters, Nina and Mira got engaged. Both in August. It will be a busy year again next year for us.
  • Mira’s engagement was held in my cousin, Feby whom is Mira’s other sister living near us in Ampang. Since my family somehow, is fond of cooking for our own family affairs, it was decided cooking to be done at our home. Hence, we were the co-host for Mira’s engagement dos.
  • We went for a holiday trip in Krabi last April.

  • I so love travelling and totally agree with Diyanazman, that travelling is the only thing that you buy and makes you richer. Even if one invest on a property, one remains 'poor' until one sell the property off.
  • For the love of travelling – we’re planning for another family trip upcoming October. Oh – I’m so excited
  • Speaking about travelling, my most-trusted-sought-after aunt, Busu and her husband are now in their most sacred travel, being one of the selected ones to perform Hajj this year. I pray for their health and may they be rewarded with Jannah.  
  • Harris and I celebrated our 10th year wedding Anniversary last August, 20th.  It’s been fancy years living with this man so far. I love him.
  • I sure made few handmade dresses for Ms Dew in the last 8 months or so, which I'll put up photos later if I have the time.