Friday, October 10, 2008

when did they ever grow?

Aidilfitri is one of the many occasions that give me the chance to catch up on latest news, gossips, rumors and whatever word that brings the same meaning to it with my relatives particularly aunties, uncles and cousins.

Ever since I can remember, my family and I have been staying with my grandmother. So I am rather attached with cousins because the place that I live, was and is the home for everyone to gather.
Those days, during childhood … the grandchildren are divided into batches. I was in the first batch which consists the 5 of us with unique or long names in descending order :
1. My brother…, Mohd Safari Nasir or Abang Payie… he’s the naughty one and used to be leader in everything
2. My cousin sister…., Sulastri or Kakak … she is the LOVE of everybody
3. My cousin brother …., Mohd Safrul Alam or ‘Row’… he is Kakak’s younger brother and always a good boy.
4. My self …., Safariyanti Mario…. Don’t really know how to describe myself5. My younger cousin sister … Feby Soosani… I would say she’s the materially spoilt girl for being the only daughter for 12 years but a VERY kind hearted person.

Being the first batch we would bet among us the next cousin to come if it would be a boy or a girl, if there was any aunt of us whom got pregnant. This was like to ascertain the strength of BOY or GIRL power.

After Feby… it was then quite a big gap before the others came … Gg, Faizal, Fahmi, Adzim, Farah, Fatin, Boy … and on and on….. (I remember them all, but it will be a looooooong list!…. 32 names.)

At one point…. Boom ! it’s like America after World War 2, we welcomed some kind of 2 or 3 or 4 cousins in a year! Sana beranak… sini beranak.

I remember Kakak once said to me… few years to come, there will be a batch of girl cousins that’s gonna fight for the date to get married!
This year aidilifitri, I realized what Kakak said before, is becoming to be true.

Ika – at her 20, had revolved from a used to be fair and chubby girl with boyish hair cut to a tall, slim ‘chick’. Rather attractive.

Syasha – also at 20 whom from a baby has always has the beautiful eyes…. and … Now, that same eyes are even more beautiful and brighter which can struck any lad any time. She doesn’t need any berries essence for that!

Thirah – should be 19 now, has the most obvious change. She…….., if not as beautiful as her mother, my youngest aunt Busu, is SO…. SO….SO much sweeter!

Mirah – the same age as Thirah was a big, rough girl …. Has turn to a lady with so much GRACE.

They all have grown up and not the little girls that I used to see in them anymore. WHEN DID THEY EVER GROW?………………………………..

A few lines of word and advise here for my young cousins… that I will always regard them as my little sisters even in years to come :
1. Kak Yanti loves you all.
2. Wear make up for yourselves and not for boys! It is just too shallow if you all do that.
3. Have fun being yourselves as girls.
4. Soon, you’ll enter to the working life. Remember for every Ringgit that you earn, there is a portion for others. So at least spare some for your parents even if they do not ask you for it….. because all your life… you only know how to ask !!

Looking at my beautiful grown cousins…………… suddenly it fears me, if one day……. I’ll be seeing my darling daughter, Nada all grown up with out realizing when does she ever grow!

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