Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Letter for a Friend

Dear Johahn,

Hi.. It’s been ages since I last wrote to you. Was it 14? or may be 15 years back? At that instance we were both still in school uniforms and the means was… SNAIL MAIL!

So, how are you at the present? The last time we bumped to each other, you’re still the good looking guy that I have always pictured you are.

Returning home for eid, the news traveled fast to me that you were getting married. Congratulation! I am happy for you.

Now that we are in the later phase of our lives,…. Having families of our own….
I really hope we’ll able to be better friends moment on.
As you know, I am blessed with the arrival of such a gorgeous daughter…. ………….

Nada Firas bt Abdul Harris. She’s now eight months old and my husband and I love her dearly!
Not for long, I am sure you’ll be blessed with one too.

These 15 years or so, it is always in me the things that I wanted to let u know.

……………. I am very.. very sorry that I ever uttered the dim-witted phrase which I believe makes us apart, though it could be due to other reasons that I’ll never know. I admit, it was said out of depth thought. And I regretted the way it was conveyed to you. At times, how I wish I could turn back the clock and make it right.
But the clock has been ticking for 15 years……………. And I know, I should let it go somehow. …….. May be by writing thee letter.
I never had the chance to apologize personally, so by way of this letter I am hoping that my apology is accepted.

All said, again……, a heartfelt congratulation on your wedding. May it brings you joy and happiness forever.

Until our paths cross again……….. cherish the good moment…..


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