Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kids and EQ

Many times I have this feeling that I want something that much but I feel people just don’t get it or not align with me in getting things done. It could happen at work, at home anywhere. Recently, it got to me and I really could not hold it any longer. I broke down to tears out of frustration and agitation.

Nada was puzzled looking at me crying, she came to me and asked few times.. “Kenapa Mommy nangis?”

I didn’t answer her but I didn’t want her to feel bad or thought that she’s got anything to do with it. So, I picked her up, put on my lap and just hugged her. Somehow, she too had watery eyes and eventually rolled down her cheeks with no sound.

Kids! They all start with good EQ within their own self.. Nada wanted to show me her compassion towards my grievances.

I didn’t want it to prolong, so I companied her for noon nap.

Lucky me that I now have a good hobby to distract me from stress, agitation, angriness and whatever negative ‘nouns’ to focus on something worth it. Yup! It’s sewing. While Nada took her noon nap, I spent the time in my tiny corner with Lady Gaga. All that makes me sick at that point in time just vanished for all I wanted was to finish the pretty dress.

... Mom of owner of the dress had chosed for Basket with fruits button. Cute stuff!

I was still stuck with Lady Gaga when Nada woke up from her about an hour noon nap. She came straight to me and again asked…. “Mommy, why you crying?.. why you crying?” (now in English.. maybe she thought I didn’t understand her the first round. J.)

Mommy - “It’s nothing..”

Nada – “Mommy, you scare? Tak pe.. Nada cry…!”

Again, Kids! They all start with good EQ within their own self … Nada wanted to tell me “It’s okay to cry when you need to because other people cry too.”

In Mommy's handmade : Aidilfitri 2011 lines ~ The Chest Pleat Dress

with random helicopter button for the sash, match up with her helicopter sandals


Diyanazman said...

wow u are one talented seamstress! and nada is priceless gem! she is so cute... :)
u hang in there lady, feeling frustrated like that happens to me too..

whm6840 said...

hie diyana,
thank you for dropping by. couldn't believe a celeb blogger hop in here! :)
i really hope my feeling is normal because mostly people are so cool, i wish could be the same.