Sunday, April 21, 2013

Messy but not Dirty

There's a BIG mess in our multi purpose room now. Bad, yes. However, I want to take it at a good side. It means projects are in tow....
In my list, I have :
- Curtain for the guest room. Curtain again?
- Smock garmet at 12month size, definitely not for Nada.
- Play dress, yup for my girl.
- Another smock dress for my girl also, Blossom from issue 88, Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazine.
- Shoulder bag from Cath Kidston sample.
- Hot pot holder. (badly needed in my kitchen)
Too ambitous, huh? I don't know which one to start first. There's no priority. Well, it should be curtain.
Harris said : "Start all at one go. If you are bored with one, go to another...." He sure has the right thing to say, doesn't he?
YA, I think I'm gonna start all at the same time and see when all would be finished. Next year, perhaps? Heheheehehehh

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nurul dahlya alias said...

Well that's some classic sewing machine you have back there!