Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New (old) project

just completed.


I’d started the smocking many-many months ago, not only until few days back that it turned into a garment. Hmmm, speaking of procrastinating….  

The smocking for the front skirt was completed for quite a while, then I stopped. For the sleeves, it’s just 4 rows of smock, I believe I could finish them in 2 hours should I have that solid uninterrupted time.

Somehow the time I could afford to have is somewhere 10~15mins window between errands or before my daily slumber (of which it didn’t take long to shut down my conscious mind) or while waiting for the car engine to heat up in the mornings.  

Ya… times like that, hence the supposed to be 2 hours task has prolong for days….

Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter to me when should I complete a dress or any project as I am doing it for my own leisure. A stress relief and I do not enforce datelines.

Buuuuttttt….. B.U.T - BUT! this girl is growing up ever so quickly.
That means, my slow motion may gets into me that my girl could not fit into dresses that I intended for her once it’s finish !.. Ahhhh.. STRESS!

Dew in the long-awaited promised handmade bathrobe. It took me a year to seal it off !
She was so happy with the robe she’s been trying it on whole Saturday night it was finished.

On Sunday morning when we were about to go out for breakfast, she asked my permission : “Mommy can I wear this….”
How can I resist her.

Happened to be we planned for breakfast + grocery shopping, so off we went to AEON BIG. She walked AEON BIG like that.
She’s also been whispering to her dad : “Daddy, lets go to hotel – PENANG”… She really wanted to make use of her bathrobe by the pool, huh?

Our one and only, Mek Robey @ Cikgu Bedah.