Thursday, April 18, 2013

The White Toaster Story

Cik Ra went back to Kota Bharu and Mok sent me a white toaster.

Mok simply did it because I am a self-proclaimed (something like Sultan Sulu) Mok’s  favourite grand daughter. Wahah! Of course it has to be self-proclaimed for how I wish to be one.

But the truth of the matter is Mok doesn’t have any favourite. She loves her grand children all the same.

You could be the prettiest, semi-pretty, the smartest, semi-smart, the one whom regularly spare her some cash, the one whom sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t or even none at all, it doesn’t matter to her. Trust me, I know it very well.

For anyone to visit her, all will get the same treatment and the most common would be “GO – EAT. GO – EAT. Come, lets eat” Over and over again.

There’s no way for her to compare her grandchildren to one another. She always thinks good of everybody and believes in giving people chances, whenever we have gone bad. She’s strict during her young days and may not be the kind of grandmother whom hugs and kisses, but deep in her heart, I know she loves us so much.  

Now, Story about the toaster :

Mok came to our ‘new’ pad for a short stay during the Chinese New Year break. As usual we chit-chat on a lot of stuff and one of it I told her how I love toast bread. I already had couple of toasters during my marriage life that had gone kaput on me, which shows how much they were in used. My one and only rice cooker on the other hand, has lasted for years. It is actually been inherited from Harris being most eligible bachelor days. Still working good till now which only shows one thing – it’s hardly being used.

Mok told me, she has a new toaster back home in Kota Bharu that my Ayah Ngoh won over a tennis match. (Not bad, huh? my uncle, playing tennis at 50+++ age and still winning). She without any hesitation said that she wanted me to have the toaster. Reason being, the entire household back there hardly eat toast bread. Even if they want, there’s already another toaster that could do the work. I know that another toaster, it could be the same age as me! So old gadget. Really, I had toasters done by the very same when I was a kid.

It was even more interesting Mok told me, the new toaster is white in colour. She said it will suit well to our home as she noticed how I try to keep my home simple and ‘white’ is bring to enhancement.

 I tell you…. My grandmother, Mok, she got the eyes and class. She’s 80+++++, she didn’t go to architecture or art or graphic school, but she definitely could interpret what lies beneath. I think so.

 Two days upon the arrival of the toaster, it had already made into use.


Perfect Sunday breakfast for me.

I really hope this one will last long.

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