Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BRITAIN AND CURTAIN, is it a rhyme?

(L-R - Me, Aida & Lin)
Wohoooo… a sneak peak.
Yeh, two of my good ol’ girl friends along with Lin’s two nephew and I just came back from Britain. Hmm... Aida & I spend 10 days of Britain, i.e England and Wales where as Lin detour to Paris on the last 3 days. was C.O.L.D for my tropical skin, heh.

During our trip to Japan last year, I bought these :

of course sans the girl in pix.

cute craft supplies...

This time around, trip to the UK, I bought these :
It’s Cath Kidston, y’all…. I'm a happy girl.
Aren’t we crafters love her?

Anyway, enough about Britain. Hopefully I’ll get down about it some how.

Let's go to curtain, My actual entry :

It’s been close to five months that we moved to our current pad. Many times when I walked across from our living to the backyard, I can’t resist but to thank Allah.s.w.t of what we have.

Alhamdulillah, I recite the phrase quietly over and over again.
I thank Allah s.w.t for the Rezeki that we managed to procure the home.
I thank Allah s.w.t for allowing us to get a small renovation work done. (for the moment)
I thank Allah s.w.t for the space we have and when our big family come over.. it feels a lot more comfortable than before.

I really love our space despite it is practically bare at the moment. In-fact, we don’t even have enough sofa or chair for our guests to sit on. I’ll work on it slow and steady….

I’m pretty sure there’ll be quite a sewing for this place too. The first handmade was – to dress up this folding doors opening widely to our backyard.

(Note : Should you ever wonder what was Nada doing in this photo… the answer is the last photo of this entry)

I for one, preferred non-curtain. However, without the curtain it would be ‘a show’ when night comes!

I never thought sewing curtains would be tough. What I pictured was, just straight cut of fabrics to required length, straight sew curtain tape, straight sew the seams… wallah my curtain done.

No! it was not that easy. The difficult part about curtain is they have to be STRAIGHT. Cut straight, sew straight! My hands are not straight after all! Somehow, after all the scolding and cursing to Lady Gaga (she’s getting old and not so efficient anymore), I managed to get it done.

My first handmade for our home. I’m so satisfied.  

Last photo : Mommy scarecrow and baby scarecrow by Nada, yeah ~ that’s what she was doing…..

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