Friday, April 23, 2010

Addiction ?

I think I have a sad addiction here or….. may be not. Why do I say so? Let me tell ya the dilemma.

At times when we are needed to, Harris and I drive separate cars to work. I always hated to drive.. and it is a bad thing for me to drive to work also. I tend to stay longer in the office trying to finish up my work because at the back of my mind, I know Harris is not waiting to fetch me downstairs. (I usually unintentionally made him waiting… sometimes up to two hours or more… kalau laki orang lain sure bini dah kena fire!!!…)

So, if I were late… Harris will help to fetch Nada from her Nanny’s. The issue here is, we do not have a car seat in the other car… our old-trustworthy-most loved 1.3L Wira which we will never sell… with plate number WHM 6840, (Now you know where I get my blog page title?). Harris calls her “FELARI”. Harris says… all of the others could come and go but this one will stay with us for as long as she could move. Well, I dreamt a HUMVEE one day so I could just langgar any morons on the road

I don’t really like the idea of placing Nada at the passenger seat unattended though it is just a short 5 minutes drive from the Nanny’s place to our home. Ya…ya…ya… of course Harris fasten the seat belt. I noticed that Harris didn’t go home straight after fetching Nada lately. He sometimes makes way to the Night Market if it is Friday or to the neighborhood convenience store for Nada’s formula or such. This would take longer routes to home, isn’t it?

Say what you like, but this Madam always prefer that cheeky little monster to be ‘tied’ to a car seat. More to her safety… but also to my good. I don’t reckon inculcating a habit for Dew not sitting in a car seat. Once she thought she is free by not sitting in one with her dad, she would want to do the same thing with Mommy.

I know myself, that I am not a very patience person and easily agitated by the simplest reason. So, I can’t be having a toddler wanting to walk about in the car while I am driving. Further more, like I always say… I hate to drive… not shame to admit, I am not a good driver either. Meaning to say, I have to stay focus with my driving with out having to shout my lungs out : “NADA! DON’T STAND!” or “NADA! SIT DOWN!” or “NADA! STAY PUT!”

I believe with the above long winded telling, I have justified myself… that Dew need another car seat!…. or errrrrr…… is this just my addiction?

Anyway, I am thinking of getting her a booster type. Light and easy installation. Pink or raspberry or red or orange color. Of course the not so expensive one. Budget around RM 350 ~ 400.

Maybe from GRACO or Safe N Sound.

However, I haven’t really started with my new surveying and goggling. Oh! I am so afraid I would end up with a big hole in my pocket again.

I guess the saving up by means of me tailoring Dew’s dresses thus far allows me to spend on a new car seat, eh? (Kes nak menyedapkan hati………)

And I have just added a new one to my portfolio… I named it The Royal Velvet Sachs dress.

Royal is because the velvet ribbon is in royal blue color.


toughcookie said...

dear, i totally agree with you on the safety and discipline part. all at a price but the reward is highly satisfying.

as for the dresses that you've been making, it's amazing that you even have time to sew. my sewing machines dah berabuk although i do have my occasional beadwork projects.

keep up the good work - sewing + being a wonderful mom *hugs*

Kerabu Jantung said...

Wait until you have 3 or 4 small kids fighting while you're driving.I became a monster back then.

Baju-baju tu boleh copy banyak-banyak dan sell them online.

mentibang.paku said...

agreed with kerabu jantung...

"aqil...jgn bising dalam kereta.. kakak, jgn berebut dgn abang aqil.. iman said i'll join u guys later ya.."..

whm6840 said...

TC, yes.. at a price.
Am glad that I introduced car seats to her. She hardly resists to be strapped on and now doesn’t mind to be on her own at the back seat. Dah pandai panjat sendiri pun. Some people say - pity her kena ‘ikat’… but I like it that way.

Kerabu Jantung & Mentibang,
I know I’ll be a SCARY ghost when there are 3 or 4 of them. :)
By then tak tahu lagi macam mana nak ikat kat car seat semua2. May be I should get a mini van.. he he..

p.s – sewing is for my soul… nak jual-jual… quality belum ada. Tak nampak je jahitan senget-senget tu..

toughcookie said...

dear, it was so good seeing you the other day... mula2 i ingat nak balik awal tapi jada bangun tido and i needed to suap her lunch. by then, the clowns were clowning around bawah khemah makan and it was hillarious! :)

anyway, i just tagged you. no obligation... saja suka2 hehe...