Saturday, April 17, 2010

How do you handle your stress?

It’s 30 minutes past 1 am now. I am in front of the tv watching 703 channel while having my McD Fillet-o-fish (how unhealthy) and of course blogging. It had been a very tiring day, I just reached home about 45 minutes ago. Dew forced herself not to sleep at her usual hour for she waited for me to tuck her to bed and read her bedtime story. Poor baby!

I’ve got thousands of things to do before I eventually hit the bed but I am so lazy to start. Somehow, I have to get it done…. Not to wait until morning comes because list of events had been planned for daylight. Ghee… I give myself another 20 minutes.

Office works is so stressful lately with very tight deadlines for presentations, submissions, issuance of drawings and what not. People say you can’t really manage the cause of stress but you can always try to manage your own stress. Hik! How ah? Any difference?

I have been procrastinating to open up a saving account with Public Bank. Well… I have few pieces of bank checks for my bonus received in February and the payments for my part time jobs which are yet being cashed. The intention is to dump them all in my PB Unit Trust account, which justify the need for me to open up an account. One for auto debit and two for ease of cash transfer.

So, earlier today despite the tight working schedule, I managed to squeeze into my lunchtime and make do to Public Bank which is less than 100metres from my office.

What I really wanted to blog is about the Customer Service in Public Bank, hmmmm.... may be just the one attended to me. I was required to provide her with my ID so that she could scan the ID and my finger prints. Mek jakun sikit… dah lama tak bukak2 akaun ni. The necessary information then appeared at her P.C screen with out me needed to fill in any forms. Thumbs up.. I like that.

She then handed me few sheets of papers full of write-ups and told me. “Sign sini (pointing to the below right corner of the paper), Sign kat semua page.”

I looked at her and asked “Ini apa, dik?” She answered me “Sign lah, kertas…..” treating me as if I am a stupid moron!

I inhaled deeply the thin Oxygen around me and asked again (could be my question was not clear or it could be misinterpreted) “Akak tahu kertas, apa kandungan dia?…

She half heartedly answered “Tak ada apa ni, signlah…………” in a very annoying tone to me.

If water boil at 100degree Celcius, me on the other hand boiled at only a friction over 25 degree Celcius upon the above conversation. Thanks to all the stress!!! ... further more, I skipped my breafast today.

Sarcastically, with the deepest tone of my voice I uttered to the lady “Miss, I know these are papers. You don't have to tell me. What I want to know is the content of it. Don’t you need to explain?

If you think you need not have to… you should have told me …. Ms, please read through these documents. If you have understand and agree with the stated terms, please put down your signature at this corner. Not just Sign sini ! What? you think I am a cow?” (errrrr... last sentence tu kat dalam hati je. :)

I didn’t finish just as that … I asked her… “What is your name anyway? And…. Why are you not wearing you name tag?”
Her fair skin turned paled. She then tried to be nice to me, but hell I care no more. I just want to get my task done.
Pathetic! Mentang-mentangla mek tak bawak beg LV or pakai kasut Gucci… ko eksen! Bila Mek dah cakap omputih baru nak terhegeh2 layan.

Cut story short. In my act to handle my stress... I find tailoring dresses for Dew is so useful. It is one thing that could still keep me sane and in one piece to face the daily office work load.

Here is my latest edition.... I named it The Navy Collar dress.


Kerabu Jantung said...

Inilah kelemahan bahagian front ofis kat Malaysia ni, macam tak cukup kursus aje - memang tak sayang kerja!Bila kena sergah kan ke dapat malu!

whm6840 said...

nak layan orang double standard gitu.
kalau kena kat saya boleh la sergah lagi.
Kalau mami saya ... mesti dia diam je..