Saturday, April 3, 2010

The tunic dress

I came to know of this page when i was googling for bubble dress making tutorial and instantly got hooked with it. Disney, the page author is a preacher's wife whom is so talented with crafts works, I adore every single creation she made. Moreover, she is at her best when it comes to recyling and transforming of what it seems be fit in the 'junk' chest to a masterpiece.

I am truly inspired by her creativity which lead me to a project.... and I ended up sleeping at 4am to finish it.

It all started with a light brown baby-T that I have been having for 10 years or so. I could had looked hot in it some time ago, but after 10 years.... it gives me no more pleasure wearing because I just look like a wrapped jackfruit! Direct translation of balut nangka. :)

See picture below.... You know what I mean.....

This photo was recently captured during our trip to Fraser's Hill a month back. I purposely chosed a photo of which I am partly hidden behind Dew's pushchair and it is far enough that I should look petite!. Even so, the unwanted shown parts are still outstanding.

So, upon putting my thinking cap............... I decided I wanted to make a tunic dress for Dew.

The n0t-so Baby-T anymore and stripes design cotton material.

And the result is :

I should register her for tennis class, eh? She sure conquer the court.

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