Sunday, May 16, 2010

I was awarded!

My dear friend, TC whom was an alma mater 'rival' (uh!... what was i doing back then!) awarded my page with this beautiful award and I am so flattered.

It is such an honor and being a blogger dummy, I am now trying best to find out how would I show off the award at my side bar!

Since, it is kind of once in a blue moon occasion for me that i am gifted with an award or i'd rather put it that this might be the ONLY award i would receive, i decided for a speech ...

Here goes :

Syukur… Mek dapat berada di atas pentas gemilang ini, sambil merangkul anugerah yang hebat. Terima Kasih yang tak terhingga dari hati ikhlas Mek buat...
- TC kerana memilih Mek
- Suami Mek, Dato' H kerana sentiasa menyokong Mek walaupun dia jarang sekali melayari blog ini
- SMP (Safariyanti Mario Production) yang telah berjasa mengatur perjalanan karier Mek sebagai blogger (yang suam-suam kuku sahaja)
- SM ’Fan Club’ (walau pun hanya beberapa individu sahaja) yang sudi untuk mengikuti kisah WHM 6840.

~~~~ Mek now walking towards the stairs to leave the stage very carefully (she’s wearing red color 6” Jimmy Choo’s stiletto) with one hand holding award while the other gracefully placed at side of her bare back long dress… ohhhh! HOT!

As a receiver of the award, I am now given the privilege to select 12 others to be honored with the same. I now proudly nominate the award to the following in no particular order with reasons … I love them, I read them, I will continue to read them. Sure, they shine my life...

1. Feby the Mentibang, my lifetime cousin

2. Aunty Fatimah the Kerabu Jantung

3. Gee the ubisetela, my flat mate during my much younger days

4. Disney, the lovely preacher's wife

5. Aida, proud Mommy of Adam & Mia (she didn't even know me...)

6. Dian, my junior school house-mate

7. Nurul, mummy of Damia(s)

8.Sue Kecik si Jawa Johor yang Gila Jepun.

My.. I only have 8? Is this ok, TC?

Anyway, to the receivers.... you now may want to :
1. Display the award at your side bar & select 12 others for the award
2. Leave a link to the receiver’s page within your post
3. Leave a comment in the receiver’s post to let them know they received the award or being tagged.

But hey,…. No obligation. ;)

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toughcookie said...

hehe i truly enjoyed reading this entry... your posts are usually serious in nature and this entry shows a different side of you. best best best :)