Monday, January 30, 2012

30th January

Dearest Nada,

Four years ago, you were born at this exact moment. 30th January 2008, 5.02am. Dawn was just about to break, we believe the name Nada in Arabic which means dew suits you well.

The four years learning you have been ups and downs for us, as much as we try to take it in the most graceful manner, there are also times we are shame to admit that we’ve been disgrace, especially Mommy.
Above all, having you and times together has never fails to make us grateful and proud parents.   

Yesterday, we had a small celebration to mark your four year old. It’s just You, Mommy, Daddy and of course Rupert the Celcom Bear.

You were given the privilege to choose your own cake and you were contemplating between a Transformer, Barbie, Princess or Ben 10 decoration. Somehow, the Barbie decorated cake was the ‘lucky’ one.

As we headed to celebrate, you constantly ‘annoyed’ us : “Today, Nada’s birthday, no Daddy’s birthday. Later!”

You asked Mommy if Bukit Nanas is Penang. Mommy knew exactly what you had in mind. Bukit Nanas looks or feels similar to you with Bukit Jambul in Penang. It reminds you of our trip and stayed in Equatorial.

Once we reached Atmosphere360 and you had your quick survey around, you wanted to check the wash room. Wash rooms somehow catch your interest, Mommy wonder why. It became a subject of  your curiosity. Indeed, washroom at Atmosphere 360 prompted many questions from you for Mommy to answer.

You were not afraid to stand close to the perimeter glass panels or even leaned against them which Mommy can’t ever do.
Putting candles on the cake, blowing them off, cutting the cake were pure joy to you, and we were delighted by just looking at you.

Last night we had a chat before your bedtime. You answered perfectly all Mommy’s questions to you.

Where did we go? – KL Tower
Where is KL Tower? – Bukit Nanas
How did we go up? – Press lift button
What did you eat most? – Prawn
How did the water at sink come out? – Wave hand at sensor
Do you like the toilet? – Yes, one button wash poo-poo, one button wash shi-shi *****
What did you see? – KLCC, Mommy’s office.

Happy 4th birthday, Nada Firas. May Allah s.w.t bestow upon you good health and wealth. Be good. We love you.

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