Friday, January 27, 2012

Talking to about to be a 4 year old and the sequel

Nada : Mommy, open the light.
Mommy : Nada, you must speak correct English, proper English. Say switch on the light.
Nada : Ok. Mommy, switch on the light.

Different occasion.
Nada : Mommy, You like Ultraman?
Mommy : Yeea.
Nada : Mommy, you must speak proper English. Not yeea. Say YES!

Mommy : (tercengang) Let's talk Malay today, ok?

B  E  I  J  I  N  G    I  N    G  R  E  Y    3

We visited the Olympic Village

The Bird Nest, Nada still not so fond of the wind

The Dragon Office, Hotel Building in Business District. Well, you should know where's the head and tail...ya.

The Ice Cube in left corner.

Harris checking out inside of The Bird Nest.

Nada was nervous, scared, terrified that Daddy could had left her and Mommy in the cold. She didn't quite believe Mommy said "It will just minutes, Daddy will come back...."

She's not at all a crying baby once we escaped the cold wind. Happy in the bus.

Mosque in Beijing, I don't remember the name

It's The GREAT WALL!!!!!!!!, my dream came true. I always have it as one of the places I should visit before I die. InsyaAllah.
No wonder it's one of the seven wonders man made. Breathtaking.

Harris only made it 1/3 of the first check point. The little miss not in the walking mode at all.

After climbing up The Great Wall (even though it's only the first check point), feet massage was a bliss!

Like day time was not enough, we embraced for night stroll. 

Had supper at a local Muslim restaurant near the hotel

We had satay. The restaurant operators speak no other language besides Chinese and all of us speak NO Chinese, at all.
Good thing, we are bunch of people whom draw to make a living. 
That means "Satay kambing bukan itik dan mesti pedas"

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