Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Play Room (in memory.. and hoping to have..)

When I was small, my brother and I at times went to our neighbor’s house living across ours to enjoy their abundance of toys. Back then, their house was one of the nice houses which were not even a handful, one can see in Kg Lundang. There was a room designated as a toy room. Pretty sophisticated considering that was back in the early 80’s and top of it, something really rare in Kelantan.

These childhood friends of ours, Azu and Cici were grandsons to a Tok Wakil or so it was.

Our own Pale-green home lawn was always used by the village kids to play Bola Kaki Tiga (three-legged ball), Guruh (Human Fence), Police and Thief or pure running, their fenced lawn however were always keep tidy and neat. I don’t recall village kids entering.

Azu and Cici weren’t like the normal village kids. As one myself, I couldn’t resist the daily outdoor playing till dawn or until my mami shouted “BALIKKKKKKK!!!!!”, from the tiny window where she sew. They were more of the staying home and study type. Hardly got out of the compound. That was why I think they had lots of toys at home and being invited to their toy room was an honor. We love it!

Azu further his studies in the STATES. Sadly, I heard from Mami, Azu lost his life many years ago due to an accident while riding his newly bought super bike upon returning.
I remember him as good looking boy, well mannered and slightly protective over his younger brother Cici.       

Gone the 80’s… Every home now if possible needs a toy room ……
Pink kitchen stove still standing

Punggah Abang Aqil.. Punggah…

Stove gone

Playing alone….. No fun!

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