Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Stuffs

Child (in stern tone) : Daddy, put your T-shirt in the laundry bag!
Daddy : What if I don't?
Child : You go to Aunty Jeanne('s) office. * Aunty Jeanne is a pre-school principal *
Daddy : What would Daddy do in Aunty Jeanne's office?
Child : You have to drink Hot Soup!


How's 2012 so far? It's been a week.

We started the year with treating ourselves watching "We bought a Zoo" movie at TGV, KLCC during the Public Holiday. Today, we made an impromptu visit again to TGV, 1 Shamelin for MI : Ghost Protocol. What is it about Hollywood, ya? They could make even the simplest movie plot like "We bought a Zoo" so interesting. Full of humor, emotions and values at the same time. They could also make the 'nonsense' plot of Ghost Protocol so real and believable beyond doubts.

Tomorrow, Nada's pre-school will re-open. It's just so cliche to say again and again, but it is so true. Time flies. In 3 weeks time she'll be four. When we celebrated Harris's birthday last end December, she was not happy that it was not hers.
She said the cake was not nice. It should be in triangle with princess and Ben 10. I don't exactly get the idea of combining princess and Ben 10.. and a triangle cake?

Anyway, since Year 2007, Harris would thought I would forget his Birth day because yes, I did forget on that year. I was heavily pregnant and I had nothing else on my mind besides the then delivery and believe it or not... I was so drown in thinking of how would I leave my office works in peace. (My boss is lucky)

So for his 40th birthday last year, a surprise would be interesting eh. I booked a place for dinner to celebrate. He was supposed to drive to the unknown location under my direction. When I said drive to Jalan Ampang, he guessed : Papa Rich, Hadramawt..
He drove until Flamingo Hotel and I said : take up AKLEH. Earlier guesses ruled out.

Then took Jalan Ampang towards KLCC, he guessed : PELITA NASI KANDAR! beep! wrong.
Took Jalan Stonor, he guessed : PNB Darby Park. beep! wrong again.
Once we reached the Oval traffic light, he made another guess - The Royale Chulan!.. and he was right this time.
My husband : he has maps in his brain.

Hopefully, we would figure out a memorable birthday treat for Nada too. Earlier, I asked her "Nada sayang Mommy banyak ke? sayang Daddy banyak?" She hugged us both and said "Sayang banyak Mommy, Daddy.." diplomatic answer. 
I do wonder who would she loves more.. "Daddy carries her all the time while Mommy pushes the stroller." 

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