Friday, February 3, 2012

Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Flying Kick

Have you watch The Big Boss movie starred by the legendary Late Bruce Lee? I am not quite sure if I had watched or otherwise. I should have watched many donkey years ago when I was small for I think I have vague images of the movie scenes here and there.

Anyway, National Geography channel has been repeating in airing the documentary about Bruce Lee during the couple of weeks as we entered new Lunar Year of water dragon. So happened, Bruce Lee was also born the in year of dragon.

The Big Boss movie was one of his successful movies and of cause I am attracted to his flying kicks. I wish I could the same, but my overweight BMI would need thousands hours of work-out for me to be able to do so, which seems definitely an impossible.     


Harris and I are now in the process of procuring a property in Bukit Indah, Ampang. Securing a property is a total head ache and heart ache!
In my experience, I have never experience a smooth sailing process. It had always been a total mess.

Hence, would I known how to Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Flying Kick :
  1. In 2003, when procuring our first property I would  Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Flying Kick THE DEVELOPER for they are the biggest ASS-HOLE-STINKING-LIAR.
  1. In 2007, when procuring our second property I would  Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Flying Kick THE CONTRACTOR for being SUCH-INFURIATING-NO-BRAIN-CREATURE.
  1. In 2010, when procuring our third property (an auction) I would  Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Flying Kick THE VENDOR for causing all the delayed in documentation security and spread stories around the apartment I’m living that I am the one who have problem with Credit Facility. *swearing*  #%&^#@(^^^%$##$@&^  *stop*   @#$!&^%#()$$%^^#$%?????@#$%^<%%& *continue swearing non-stop*     
  1. NOW in the midst of procuring our fourth property I would like to Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Flying Kick THE SOLICITORS !!!!! for being SLOWER-THAN-THE-SLOWEST-WALKING-SLOW LORIS.
Ah….. Lega sikit dah merapu macam ni.


Kerabu Jantung said...

hahaha....kalau 40 orang sumpah macam tu, tak lamalah orang berkenaan yang mengambil kesempatan ke atas pelanggan nak kena makan sumpah!

whm6840 said...

kalau nak ikutkan.. bukan lagi 40 yg sumpah developer tu. It could be thousands.
But then, this is Malaysia. Tukar nama company.. boleh lagi dapat tanah untuk develop or billion ringgit jobs from government to work on.