Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tie the Knots Dress

I made this dress for Nada Aidilfitri wear last year. It was a simple construction which of course the pattern I just "belasah" myself. Named after the knots on the shoulder, I call it Tie the Knots Dress.

For the love of it's easy tailoring, I whipped up not one but three more pieces Tie the Knots Dress for my cousin nieces, all sharing name of Damia.

This is the youngest Damia by far in the dress and I tell you, if you want to find a pretty clan, the three of them are the perfect score. 

Still, I went crazy and amused by the time taken for each dress and results of each. I made one more dress for Mentibang Family's only princess, Izz.

I love all of them five. The dresses and the dresses' owners.

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