Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter Z & A

My best friend back then in school hosted a birthday party for her princess and prince sometime last December. Nada and I were invited. We both were so eager to attend.

Being a self-proclaimed avid crafter myself, I knew the birthday presents must be a handmade. Ever since I was re-hooked with creating and sewing, I feel a handmade is the best gift, (and I mean – BEST) one can give and also receive.
To me, handmade is the combination of passion, thought, effort and abundance of love.

My Mami has always been making special handmade as gifts ever since I can remember. She sew beautiful tiny dresses complete with undies, booties, mittens, hats, blankets, bedding sets and many more as presents if she’s visiting a newborn. One gifted lady she is.

However, she also always say… “I don’t have much money, and the dresses sold on commercial racks are too expensive. I’d better sew myself to make presents……”

For my love to handmade, I totally disagree with her on that point. Not all on commercial racks are that expensive to buy, handmade on the other hand not all could be bought even though with copious money.
She’d taken her effort too lightly, when most people realize handmade are out love, someone’s precious time and carries so much value.

After considering few options, I decided in making a pair of matching towel bath robes for the siblings. Of course one in pink and one in blue, made out of less than RM 15 normal adult towel.

Since the girl’s name starts with Z, I tacked a self-cut letter ‘Z’ as initial and for the boy, initial ‘A’. How cute.

I finished making both robes the morning Nada and I were supposed to attend the party in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have spare appropriate boxes to put the gifts in which kinda forced me to make pouch bags for each robes.
So, here how they look once done.

At first, I just stapler the birthday notes to the ribbon ties only to realize how ‘unprofessional’ it looks. Hence, on the way to the party, inside the car… I made a hole each to the notes and slot in the ribbons. Then it made sense! Too bad, I didn’t take any photo of the amended ties.

Nada envied the pink bath robe and I promised her that she would also get one, I’ve yet to fulfil my promise. Too many project plans…..

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