Friday, June 10, 2011

penang and australia

Last week Friday, Aunty Jeanne of Kindicare called me :

"Hi Yanti.. This is Aunty Jeanne. I want to let you know, Nada is adopting well in her new class. She participates in the activities with no difficulties. Aunty Sheila said at times when she passed by Baby-Buttercup class, she would take a peep and says hi to Aunty Liza and friends. But then she would still go back to Daffodils."

Mommy : "O ya?... She's been telling me new names : Ashley, Nicholas, Adlia, Mikel.... I guess these these are children from Daffodils"

Aunty Jeanne : " she already has their names? Hmm, that's fast..., her full days in Daffodills were only last two days..."


Last night, one and half week in the new class : She came home telling me - "Mommy, I want GO Osreylia"

I asked "You want to go to Australia?"

Full of confident she replied "YES"

When I thought she is clueless about Australia, I asked : "How do you want to go to Australia?"

Again, full confident she replied "Aeroplane"

OMG. Mommy almost fainted!

I swear, we have no plans for Australia vacation, at least for now... Mommy pokai.

Overstrait to Penang, ok.

photo by Nada


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