Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All she is

Her name appeared on the birth certificate is Nada Firas bt Abdul Harris
In Arabic ;
Nada is Dew
Firas is Witty
It meant for Witty Dew

Somehow, we came to know... Nadafiras means mud and when Mommy says Nada Firas!... that's when Mommy is angry with her.

Nek calls her Cik Embun

Sometimes, when Mommy writes, Dew seems lovely as a nick name.

Mommy also likes to "tease" her with love and calls her : Mek Robey... because she always acts dive - this and that. Varies colorful character she is. Macam-macam ada. And that she would know... She's pure Kelantanese - orang kampung habis... just like Dad!... heheheheeh

One day. while we were calling her, names.. she seems to understand she has many. She told us : Uncle Said (handyman at school) sings to her : Nada dan irama tidak dapat dipisahkan. It's like, that's another long name she has.

Mommy thinks she really thinks - she's a rock star or could be the next Justin Beiber. Mommy doubted anyhow, her dad is gonna give her full support on that. Dad would prefer her to be professional golfer.

Mommy's already tired fighting with her for sunnies and had no choice but to get one just for the little miss in pink - the now favorite color.

She asked me if she could have a Ben 10 watch in pink? Split personality, my lady. She has a bit of everything : the trying to be macho and the girlish needs deep inside. Mommy is right about her being Mek Robey....

Many say she has beautiful thick black hair. Mommy definitely agrees but couldn't bear the sweating and mess at this age.

There goes....

....... though she totally refused for she likes to wear it long

Long or short hair : Nada : Firas : Nada Firas! : Dew : Embun : Mek Robey : Nada dan irama tidak dapat dipisahkan .. She is always Mommy's favorite rock star.

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