Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cottage Patch

I was supposed to have a working appointment yesterday morning, but was postponed to late afternoon, then evening which only materialized today morning. It's not about the appointment that I want to blog, but since I had free time yesterday, I decided to go for applique class! He he he..
The low back cut dress. I got this multi color organic print in Bangkok the other day... Baru jadi baju...

I came to know about this shop near to Ampang Point as a result of blog hopping. It is called Cottage Patch. Actually, I already noticed the shop for quite sometime as we've been using the road fronting the shop all this while. Anyhow, it never attracted me to hop in because it's located so near the main road with no place to park the car. Further more the shop front is old and just slightly better looking than 30 year old the shops that I find in my hometown - KB. This is a true record of what the quote says "Never judge a book by it's cover". Thanx to internet and the blogger whom I can't recall her URL, I made way to the shop.

The first time I went, I knew I will be going back and the shop owner has no choice but to see my face over and over again, which I think she'll be happy for that. Besides having craft and tailoring supplies, they take orders for patch works, appliques, smocking.. whatever. God! the patch works - No cheap-cheap ones, ok. Expect minimum, 4 figures.. 5 figures is pretty normal. But then again... it's handmade done so exquisitely. Enough said, you got to see for yourself, if u like all these stuffs.
Wai teaching me to attach the applique.Dew disturbing me with her own applique

So, i spent few hours yesterday, learning applique while my loves spent time at book store in Ampang Point. I know!... my husband is so kind, kan...

Frankly, I could actually figure out how to do applique if I just sit quietly and observe one completed work without going to class and spend RM200. But then again, it's always good to learn it the right way.. and...... "Menuntut ilmu biar sampai ke China"

After yesterday's class.. of course my applique is far from completion. All there, is a stem of a supposed to be tulip bunch. The good thing is I could go again anytime I want until the project is finished. Payment once only - ya I like the idea, no time constraint.
The hours spent is therapeutic for me.. similar to massage in a spa.

Those of you who are interested... Cottage Patch has good choices of cotton fabrics too.. not necessarily cheap, though.

Here's sharing what I crafted for the newest great-grandchildren of Mok's, Arik Adam.. but we call him Amsterdam :
I didn't take any photo before had them tied with the red ribbon, so I had no choice but to download the two pix from my cousin's fb. TQ Cik Byie.

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