Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Name Quiz Session

Nada, what is daddy's name? * Abdul Harris * - perfect

Mommy ? *Safariiiiiyanti Maiyo*

Nek? *Rojan* (read : Norjan)

Tok Wan ? *Abdul Aziz* - perfect

Tok? *eeeeeemmmmm *.... Mommy has to start : KA.... She continues *Mayah* (read : Kamariah)

Pak Tam? *Hazidi* - perfect

Uncle Pi? *Rafiyuddin* - perfect

Abang Nya? *Danial* - perfect

Tok Ngoh? *Machine!* (read - Hashim) .... GOD! Mommy better not do name quiz in front of Tok Ngoh for he can be a real machine.....

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