Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Father's Day morning this year,

... they had their own quiet time together, swimming.

Today I decided we should have our breakfast at Carefour for I also planned for some groceries shopping. Well... Mek felt like cooking and the first item in my groceries list was RICE ! It had been months.. I really mean MONTHS... since we last had home cook rice in our home. See, I told ya.. I don't cook.

I handed the groceries list to Harris while I made way to the bazaar section. Something interesting and worth to share happened as I was looking for a deodorant for myself.

A beautiful well-dressed tweenage girl, I guess her age is 13 or 14 and her daddy was also looking for a deodorant. I didn't mean to eavesdrop but from conversation of them both, I knew : The dad was helping the girl deodorant shopping.

I could see that the Dad is a real patient man, very helpful and so focused in getting his task done, i.e - "I must buy my daughter a deodorant today"

He was not ashamed of me, in-fact he didn't even bother that I was just nearby. Never he sounds annoyed with the girl whom was so confused in choosing her first deodorant. He read the labels on deodorant bottles, coaxing her child.

"This is for whitening... this one for freshness, this one supposed to be not sticky........ You don't want to try Dove?"

I heard the girl.. "Ayah, Nadira use this.. I think I want the same with hers"

I guess - Nadira is her friend, could be from school. We know how tweenage is so influence by friends.. right?

I left the deodorant racks once I was satisfied with mine, the two were yet done. I look high to that man for not many would want or have the capability of what he was doing and I thought he'd done a good job.

Wonder why was the girl not doing that kind of shopping with her mom. Truly, it's not for me to judge. How ironic - Shopping deodorant with dad on father's day. For whatever reason, I prayed that the girl would always remember and treasure such occurrence, how her dad loves her so much.

I sure hope my own girl wouldn't need to go to her dad in choosing a deodorant one day. She should come to me. But should for instance I wasn't able to be there for her, I would be very grateful if her dad could help her on that, which I know he would give his best.

I never have the chance............. or maybe I should put it, I never make the effort to wish my own father Happy Father's Day to appreciate him. It's my own lost, I do not blame others or even myself.

But, I would only have myself to be blamed if my girl does not realize how a great dad she has that she should never forget to wish him Happy Father's Day and love her old man every single day.

Happy Father's Day to my beau, that man that helps her daughter to buy deodorant and all fathers.


Kerabu Jantung said...

Such a beautiful posting.

whm6840 said...

thanx aunty,
it's been a while since u dropped few lines here.

Kerabu Jantung said...

Sibuk nak gi's so sweet!